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The only stupid question is the one you don't ask. I wished I had this when I first started my worm system. I was very excited and...Well, long story short they all died.

Anyway, no topic is off-topic. We want to know about worm poop, worm tea, worm systems, foods for worms, types of worms, worm products, composting methods, worm pests, etc.

This is your community and we need you, I need you, and you need us. Because no one of us has got it all together but all of us together got it ALL.

Each question and comment will be your own special page that others can chime in on. So help me build this Q&A with your knowledge and experience and again, Welcome :)

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We invite you to join us in our efforts to grow the Worm Farming Community by posting all your questions and comments or even stories. This is the place to help those that need your advise and be helped.

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What's the best way to dispose of leachate? 
Hi there, I'm new to your website and just read all about leachate vs worm tea. Thank you for your clear distinctions. I made a 2 bucket system …

Help starting farm 
I know A lot of people in my area that would like to have a place to buy worms. I am in southeast oklahoma. Don't really have the money to completely start …

Home Made Worm Ben VS Worm Motel 
I have been growing worms in home made bens for a few years. Last year my wife bought me a worm hotel which I am struggling with. My first question is …

what type of Vermiculture system should i use and how do i keep it worm in the winter  
I am an Environmental Engineering student at Wilkes University in North Easter PA. I have been given the responsibility of developing a Vermiculture system …

Worm farm predator 
Something is digging tunnels in my worm bin in my basement. I saw an ermine in my house on 2 occasions, and am wondering if they are the culprit.

Mistakes made, first timer. 
Hi there, I started my worm cafe about a month or so ago. My other half took the frozen scraps (I read that if you freeze them, then defrost, they'll …

What to do with the Seepings? 
Thanks so much for your great article.. I'm going to buy an aquarium pump today and begin to make worm tea. My question is what can be done with the …

Worm tea and leachate 
I have a three-storey worm farm (same as in the graph). The worms are on the top container. There are some castings on the second level. I collect the …

How do I transfering established worms to new Worm Factory 360? 
I have a homemade worm composting bin in my kitchen and have recently upgraded to a Worm Factory 360. Since my worms are already established, how to do …

Question...Safe temperature to keep worm Bin's  
Can I keep my worm bins in a garage that gets quite warm on hot summer days? Also, would they freeze in an unheated garage during the cold Maine winter …

worm tea 
Should I discard the liquid that empties at the bottom of the worm tower or can it be "fermented" with oxygen and molasses?

What are these bugs and how do I deal with them? 
Hi all, I'm still new at this worm farming and have some things bugging me. The first is a collection of tiny white mites, I've no idea what they are …

It appears I am not only breeding worms but large bellied spiders - 2-5mm body are living in the habitat as well. I feel uncomfortable attending to my …

What is Your Worm Doubling Time? 
Doubling times can be a little evasive at times. You can do some math about how many cocoons with so many eggs a worm will produce. We can also include …

Harvesting the Castings. 
For the 2 18 gallon diy, whats the best way to syphon out the castings? Thinking of finally trying this.

life span bottled of Leachate 
Hello if I have unused Leachate during the year can I bottle it for future use ????. Many thanks

Keeping Worm Tea Fresh 
As I read from a couple different resources, the worm tea should be consumed in 1-2 days (couldn't find any info on your site). This actually makes …

permits to sell worms 
Do you need a permit to sell worms out of your yard? I am starting to think about doing this, as a way to make a little extra money, and also for a …

Worm Tea for Hydroponics? 
I have a small hyrdo-garden; tomatoes, orchids, basil, parsley. Ebb and flow system. Can I use worm tea instead of the chemicals in my watering solution? …

Need Advice about bedding and food. 
Can i use sawdust(wood shavings) as bedding and feed my worm soybean dregs(lees) + banana leaf that has been shatter? From day one to day four. My …

Cultivating Worms, and UNFORTUNATELY Cultivating Termites too, ughhh... 
First, I want to thanks about the availability of this website and especially to Pauly. I've learned a lot of knowledge about worm from this. I have …

10 gallons of leachate, creating a growing medium on bare ground 
I've been vermicomposting for about 2 1/2 years, and have accumulated 10 gallons of leachate. I also have a problem with the areas along the sides …

Can leachate make you sick? 
Hi guys, I have a three tray system in Perth, Western Australia. It's summer here, and my soil is moldy and seems to be overloaded with vegetables. …

Juice at bottom of worm bin 
Pauly, What are you using to collect any juice at the bottom of your worm bin please? I see the bins all constructed, but can't seem to find this …

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Gnats/mites in my worm bin 
Is it natural to have gnats/mites in my worm bin. I'm using two 10 gallon tupperware containers for my homemade worm bin and they are well ventilated. …

Goat Manure 
I raised goats and sheep for over 10 years. My wife is now planting melons in my abandoned goat/sheep pen. I'm wondering if this soil, which is naturally …

New Worm Bin Setup - Is Homemade Compost a Good Addition? 
Well, I just ordered my worms they’re supposed to ship out in 8 days! (yes I’m counting). I built the 2x4 flow through bin Pauly describes, except …

Bringing Education to the Masses on "Black Gold" 
As a begginer to Vermiculture I have immersed myself into many books, read many articles, and researched all the college manuals on the subject that I …

Wormsicles in Colorado 
I live at 7300' elevation in Colorado. I have a big compost heap started in the back yard, complete with kitchen scraps and rabbit and chicken poo. I'm …

Feeding Worms Grains 
Hi, I have a open bag of quinoa that some bugs have gotten into. Rather than throw it out I would like to put it in my worm bin. I understand that you …

Flow Through Worm Bin 
Just some pictures of my flow through bin

Yard Worms 
Can you farm the worms from our yard or do we have to buy worms? Want to make compost.

Worm tea  
I know this will sound silly but I was just wondering if I make worm tea with castings aren't I essentially drowning a new generation of worms since the …

Feeding Worms Rabbit Manure 
1. Can I use rabbit manure in my wormery. There are so many stories out there. Some say yes and others no. If anyone can give a good answer I'LL APPRECIATE …

Harvesting Castings 
Hi I am a newbie to vermicomposting. In September 2011 I started with worm factory 360 and quickly found that our family of 4 were producing more than …

Fruit Flies in my Garden Tower 
How do I get rid of fruit flies in my garden tower? I bought one thinking the compost tower would be great but I'm a beginner and I don't see any of my …

baby ants? in with my worms 
I seem to have gazillions of tiny, white, ant shaped creatures in my worm farm. No sign of eggs or adults but wondered if best to try to remove them, and …

Worm Farm in Classroom 
Hi! I'm excited about beginning a worm farm in my classroom as a project learning experience. Please tell me that your bin will work in a classroom. …

Visitors In The Worm Bin.... 
Recently received our Worm Factory 360, and just so I will be prepared (this is the only part about this that kinda scares me!!), what can we do if our …

Moving worms to a new tray 
I bought a bin with three trays. After more than a year, I have finally managed to fill the first container. I have made a bed of cardboard etc in the …

Do Worm Bins Generate Heat? 
I was wondering if I started several containers in the fall and placed them in my basement if they would generate supplemental heat for the house or the …

Fruit flies Not rated yet
I don't put anything in my worm bin that might have fruit fly eggs in it. This means most fruit waste. I feed that to my chickens.

Another new worm farmer.  Not rated yet
I am starting a worm farm for my two kids so they can earn an income in our small community. I have split 55 gallon barrels in half, drilled (6) 1/2 holes …

Worm tea Not rated yet
On your making worm tea-video you mentioned that the Worm tea had to be used right away. Or it would go bad. My question is what if you would like to …

Question how long can you (foment food. Not rated yet
I have food 4 - 5 weeks old sitting in containers waiting to add it to my worm bin. These all food scraps that I have been fermenting for the last 4-5 …

So then, does worm leachate have any value, either immediately or stored and used later...? Not rated yet
The title of my question is my question. I've not used the worm leachate this season in favor of brewing compost tea 40 gallons at a time and am seeing …

Tumblin Composter DIY Not rated yet
Here is a compost tumbler that I made from plans from Plans were fairly simple if you are good with tools made with basic …

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