How do I transfering established worms to new Worm Factory 360?

by Lisa
(Sturgeon Bay, WI)

I have a homemade worm composting bin in my kitchen and have recently upgraded to a Worm Factory 360. Since my worms are already established, how to do I go about putting them in their new home? Do I still need all the bedding, or do I just add them to the first tray and then let them move up? The helpful book they sent along only gives instructions for a brand new start-up. Thanks for your help!

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Nov 04, 2015
Trannsfering Worms To A Worm Factory 360
by: Pauly

Hi Lisa,

There are a few ways you can do this, but IMO this is how I would approach it.

1. Allow your worms to finish eating the material in your homemade worm bin.

2. Set up the new Worm Factory 360 adding the material they sent you. Do not add any kitchen scraps (nitrogen) in the Factory. It could potentially smell or promote bad bacteria causing anaerobic conditions. The carbon material is worm food too.

3. Bring over a handful of worm castings and mix it into the worm factory bedding. This will add plenty of beneficial microbes to inoculate the new bedding and help break down the material

4. When the food in the old bin is gone the worms will be hungry for new food in the Worm Factory 360. Go ahead and transfer all of the material from the old bin to the Factory 360.

I'm not sure how much castings you or anyone else will have so you may need to harvest some castings before you transfer the contents to the new bin.

Just keep filling up the trays with the old bedding/castings/worms and then add the last tray with the new food supply on top.

The worms will eventually find their way to the top tray where the food supply is. End of steps

You don't necessarily need to go through all the steps but this is just what I would do. You can just transfer all contents of the homemade bin into the Worm Factory trays and wait till the worms have eaten everything then add the fresh food in the new tray above.

Following the steps I outlined would make the process seamless and more efficient.

Thanks for the question and congratulations in getting a Worm Factory 360.


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