Build a High Traffic Website That Really Works
(Plus, a Site Build It Review)

To build a high traffic website takes a lot of time & effort, after all you are competing with thousands of people (in your niche) for the top pages in search engines. No one ever builds a website NOT wanting a lot of traffic...right?

Most people (90% or more) who start a website or hire someone else to do it, who doesn't share your passion, end up failing within a year or two or never see the results they thought they would get. We've all heard the saying, "You get what you pay for" and when it comes to choosing a web hosting company it is so true.

I see them everywhere. Ads like "How To Build A High Traffic Website" with Go Daddy, 1 and 1, Intuit, Joomla, WordPress (although WordPress can be integrated with SBI) just to name a few, advertising for as low as $5 /mo.

If all you want is a website to be treated just like a business card, then $5 will definitely get you just that. You might as well just have a business on a remote island with no way for customers to get to you unless you specifically tell them where to go. 

I feel sorry for people who want a real website with a real host but aren't getting it. They spend $5 and get a name and a really nice looking site, but no traffic. 


I'm not saying you can't be successful with a cheap web hosting company. But you just don't get the help or tools you need, especially when first starting out.

You would never start a business without knowing how to. Website creation and design is no different

I don't want to be a bubble buster, but I have learned the proper way to set up a website. You have to do your research for setting up the Homepage and all other pages on your site.

How you select and position your keywords and title each page according to the way search engines and visitors want to see it spells success or utter failure.

So if they spend a little money then that's often the training they will get too.
I guess they aren't really loosing much money, but what about all the time and effort. Well, that was me around the turn of the new millennium.

When I first started my own website back in 1999 I was selling coupons and various items. I kept waiting for traffic and people to email me. Nothing was happening. So I bought a program that "registered" with over 500 search engines. Yes, there were actually that many back then.

Next, I waited and waited and waited. Still no visitors. Then I handed brochures out in the neighborhood. I got a few results but it dwindled and I didn't want to keep passing out brochures just to keep the traffic up, so then I decided to break down and run a commercial on the radio. Too expensive! I needed free traffic.

I needed somehow to get the word out on the internet. I felt I had exhausted all my resources. I tried and tried. I became discouraged. So I just plain quit, but not altogether. I just put my internet dreams on the back burner and for a long time.

Then I Found Site Build It!
(now, Solo Build It)

A network of Site owners helping me.

Imagine if you wanted to start a business and there was a certain person that you looked up to and wanted to copy for success. What if you could ask them anything you wanted in a forum or email or any other way.

Now you get it. That's the way SBI is set up. There are several successful website owners wanting to help you build your website the right way, critiquing it from start to success, Plus videos and tutorials etc...

Well, a few years past and I thought I would give it a try again. I went online and typed in things like "how to build a website" and "build a high traffic website" know.

Everyone was telling me that they were the best. I didn't know who to believe and I was scared of loosing my money and efforts again. Then there was a video. No, there were several videos from real people with real experiences. Videos that they created out of their own passion. That helped me gain the confidence I needed to click the "purchase" button.

That's when I started building my dream website.

That same passion that was burning in other people was also burning inside of me. Did I finally find a company that cared more about wanting to help me succeed than just another sell with an unhappy customer? You see, when you help others succeed, you succeed.

I have never seen a company quite like this one. Not only is it giving me traffic and results and so many tools to work with, but like I said, I have an endless supply of other successful website owners helping me whenever I ask and all for free. Not some tech support junkie at the other end of the telephone somewhere on the other side of the globe putting me on hold till they finish their lunch break.

I have something to say, I'm passionate, and I'm finally living the dream of sharing my passion with the world and 
Site Build It
 has really helped me to achieve it.

But if you think I'm trying to convince you or sell you something...I'm not.

I'm just sharing My Story with you.

It doesn't really matter to me if you move forward from where you are right now or which direction you go. It just won't affect me. It only matters to you.

So why go to the trouble of writing all of this then? Because I have been where you are today. With all of the misinformation out there and everyone telling you that they have the answer, you've really got to put your internet filter on.

If you have been to any of my other pages then you know that I speak from the heart and I've always had a pay-it-forward attitude. If it doesn't work for me I throw it out and you'll never hear of it. But if it does work then you'll definitely read about it here on the Site.

I have been helped so many times and I'm so blessed to have a loving family & friends that have supported me in all of my failures (and I've had many failures) which is why I'm successful today.

Haven't you ever found something exciting and just had to share it with others?

Imagine, for a moment, that someone had a disease and you told them that you have the cure for that disease through proven natural foods and they said, "No thanks". Does it affect you? No, except that it kind of makes you sad in your heart.

You see, even on this worm farming website we (me and my readers) are having tremendous success at building a great foundation for plants. I kind of feel like I have a cure for something. So why wouldn't anyone want to share something as cool as that?

But again, it doesn't matter to me if you want to listen to me or not it ONLY matters to you and your desire to stay right where you are fulfilling someone else's dreams :)

At this website I reach nearly 1,000 visitors per day.
That's 30,000 visitors per month
just talking about what I love to do.

What would you do with traffic like that?

Have you ever showed someone how to do something? Do you think you are knowledgeable about anything at all? Maybe you just love to talk or are passionate about writing. See where I'm going with this?

I'm trying to spark something inside of you that you've always wanted or dreamed of doing but didn't quite know where to start or who to trust.

Why are you on Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, LinkedIn, or ANY social media platform? 

Do you realize how many pages you have already written, how many images you've already uploaded, and how many people you've already helped? Did you also know that if you've spent very much time on just Facebook or Pinterest that
you're just as tech savvy as me?

SBI doesn't take any programming smarts. Yes it takes time to learn any type of platform just like it did Facebook. But that's where all the videos, tutorials, and people with websites just like me are in the forums waiting to help you and see to you succeed.

So who do you trust?

Well we all obviously trust Facebook to help us connect with our family & friends. We trust Pinterest to help keep our interests organized and to share them as well.

With so many exciting stories & videos from people just like you we all have come to trust and prefer SBI's remarkable way of personally mentoring you from the very beginner to even the expert.

I know I have written a lot more than I should but when you're passionate about something the fingers feel a little jittery sometimes. So now that I've given you some things to think about here are some more...

If you are:

  • Passionate about anything
  • A stay at home mom
  • Retired and want to share your wisdom
  • Looking to work from home
  • Wanting a supplemental or full-time income
  • Already own a business
  • Anything at all.

Solo Build It can help you achieve your dreams like it did mine, but just like anything in life, it is not free. You have to work for it and have to want it. It'll take time, but during the process you will see results and will have fun fulfilling your passions and dreams.

You'll be building a foundation of stone that will hold through the storm while other websites come and go. I don't know HTML programming or a whole lot about marketing a website. 

Solo Build It does and what I don't know, I can learn through 100's of their training courses and videos or ask thousands of other SBIer's all for free in the forums section. SBI is even being taught at several universities now.

I'm fulfilling my dream to build a high traffic website and you can too. So quit pondering. Don't just listen to me. I want you to experience it for yourself. It really works. You CAN build a high traffic website that really works.

But you need the right tools, coaching and mentoring that I feel only SBI can truly give and so I hope to see you in the forums one day either helping you or you helping me.

Well that's my story so far and I hope to see you in the SBI forums soon letting me help you build your successful future.

~Pauly Piccirillo
Publisher of WFR

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