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(Designed by: Steve Churchill)

You Gotta Love Technology! A Cool Worm Calculator For All Your Nerdy, Worm-Loving Projections ;)

I have to admit that when I ran into this nifty worm calculator I just had to share it with all my readers.

I have to admit that when I ran into this nifty worm calculator I just had to share it with all my readers. Steve Churchill from Urban Worm Company.com has come up with a brilliant calculator that will quickly perform the projected math on...

  1. Worm Population Growth
  2. Vermicomposting Capacity
  3. Financial Value

You can quickly calculate all three of these together for a quick total. It has all of the necessary inputs set before you such as:

  1. Start Date
  2. Starting Quantity
  3. Monthly Reproduction Rate
  4. Quantity Goal
  5. Maximum Surface Area
  6. Population Density
  7. Worm Unit Retail Value
  8. Castings Retail Value
  9. Plus A Lot More...Over 20 inputs.

It will calculate in Standard or Metric and in 8 different global currencies. Do you sell worms or castings? Well you might after you run some numbers through Steve's "Vermultiplier" :)

He also has a text tutorial guide & video tutorials that will walk you through the numerical inputs with a great explanation of each numerical input you wish to utilize. Did I mention that you also have the ability to PRINT your projected goal? Well you do and if you don't like your goal totals then it's easy to change any number for quick results.

Now here's what you've been waiting for...The Price! Yes, nothing's free. But if you click on any of my links here to Steve's Urban Worm Calculator, he's offering it for a one-time low price that will last for as long as you own his program.

I'm really hesitant to tell you the price as it could change, but as of this publish it's $11.99. Click the link below and Steve will take $3 off as a favor for all of my worm farming readers and visitors.

Take $3 off and Order Now!

So head over and start projecting the outcomes of your future squirms and worm profits as well.

You could be losing a lot of money by calculating it on your own.

Visit Steve's website:


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