Garden Pics
(Worm Castings Results)

Who actually backs up what they say by showing you their garden pics?


You'll go to many worm farming websites and they'll tell you that worm castings is the best food for plants. They Are Correct! But I want to actually prove it to you by putting my words where my soil is for growing AWESOME plants.

These are my personal garden pics from the garden and they're my results of the castings applications. I'll not bore you with why worm castings and worm tea are AMAZING!

No! I'll just let the garden pics speak for themselves ;)

Garden Pics

Food Crops Grown Using Worm Castings & Worm Tea

Take a look at our pics below


We were very busy those years and had some ups and downs, but the worm castings proved themselves time and time again.

This is the year that our Worm Farming Revolution book debuted along with other books.

A beautiful garden with high yields, FAT fruit, & less bugs isn't from chemicals. Nature possess everything plants need to be healthy. Discover it for yourself.

2016 Photo Album

Here are a few Highlights from 2010
up to the current date when I began taking worm farming pics of my results. If you would like to learn more about how to grow a beautiful garden, recycle with worms, grow your own fishing worms, and much more, then read the Free Worm Farming Guide or Read the Books today.

Still Under Construction

Now I want to be perfectly clear to those that think, "It's too good to be true" or to those that think, I might be hiding something.

Gardening is hard work no matter how simple you make it. It takes constant watering, pruning, weeding and vigilance to achieve the outcome you desire.

Although these can be perfected to a minimal effort, there are still other forces at play such as heat, drought, flooding, too cold, high winds, pestilence, weeds, animals, neglect, poor planning, etc. I DO have my challenges and my garden will never be what I want it to be because when I accomplish my goal, I set the bar higher or change something the next season.

However this is what I call success or progress. After the growing season, a gardener should be able to look at the harvest of the entire season to determine how much produce was grown compared to other seasons or the challenges of that year. So again...

I DO Have My Challenges!

It's not only the challenges that define you as a gardener, but how you deal with them. I cannot control many variables. I can only be prepared for them and this has much to do with "The Soil". If you build a solid foundation, you won't have a "fail-safe" system, but you will be better prepared for what lies ahead. I talk about this in great detail in my books.

So with that said, let me show you what it looks like to work WITH the "ugly" side of nature and not against it.

Here's some of my pics and the most common issue I believe everyone deals with...


You can either choose to react to nature or work WITH nature. Bugs will come and go, but they don't HAVE to take over your entire garden. Creating the best soil will help the plant to become more resistant to these pests because they posses the necessary hormones that pests find distasteful or unattractive.

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