Worm Farming T shirts

Creating Worm farming T shirts to show your support for the love of worm farming, composting, and all things natural.

Spread the Worm!

Worm Farming T shirts
More to Come!

I'm currently making Worm Farming T Shirts to show your Worm composting pride. If you have a great shirt idea, please let me know by sending an email.

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Worm Farming T shirts
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For Microbial Soil Lovers
Heroes of the Soil!

Heroes of the Soil - Bacteria T-shirtHeroes of the Soil - Bacteria T-shirt
Heroes of the Soil - Nematode T-shirtHeroes of the Soil - Nematode T-shirt
Heroes of the Soil - fungus T-shirtHeroes of the Soil - fungus T-shirt
Heroes of the Soil - Protozoan T-shirtHeroes of the Soil - Protozoan T-shirt
Heroes of the Soil - Worm T-shirtHeroes of the Soil - Worm T-shirt

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