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Welcome to the Worm Farming Community made up of worm farmers all over the world sharing their knowledge about worms and how to compost with them.

We encourage you to teach us, share with us, and help grow our understanding and knowledge about one of the world's most beneficial yet most ignored creatures ever known.

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Community Help & Be Helped - Ask your worm questions and the community and I answer to the best of our ability

Worm Farming Stories - Funny, happy, sad, scary worm stories,  etc

Local Suppliers - Find local suppliers in your community

Worm Farming Systems
- A look at various types of worm farming systems

Worm Food
New - Some of the best food and some of the worst

Worm Farming in Facilities New - Classrooms, Workplaces, Prisons, Churches, Community Gardens,


Diatomaceous Earth - Worm bin applications and everywhere else

Harvesting/Using Castings - Various techniques

Creating/Using Worm Tea - Show us how you make/use worm tea

Leachate - How do you use it...or do you? A controversial topic.

Rabbits & Worm Farming - Various ways and techniques

Getting Rid of Pests - Your method of getting rid of many pests

Minerals in the Worm Bin - Various minerals and their applications

Worm Farming in the Winter -
How do you deal with the cold

Worm Farming in the Summer - How do you deal with the heat

Hydroponic Worm farming -
Various vermiponic systems and setups

DIY Plans and Projects - Various tutorials, links, or your own projects that you've built or would like to share with us

Worm Farming & Mycelium -  Worm farming with mushrooms

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