Homemade Facial Mask - Worm Poop?

I know what you're thinking..."Holy Crap Batman! A homemade facial mask made out of worm poop! Should we use this instead?"

Just when you thought natural skin care couldn't sink any lower than bird poop facials, now it has sunken to newer depths. Worm Poop Facials.

This May Be My Biggest Controversial Page Yet!"
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Meet Pauly's wife...Jo

Homemade Facial Mask

Okay, so let me first begin by telling you that (being a worm farmer) I wasn't at all surprised (concerning the benefits of worm poop) when my wife said that she was pondering the thought of smearing poop all over her face.

I was, however, shocked at the fact that she actually indeed DID IT!

"The homemade facial mask made from worm poop leaves my skin feeling rejuvenated, softer and with tighter pores. My face also felt tingly and energetic."


What's so "Bene-Facial" about worm poop?

Here's the scoop on poop. If you've ever been outside working in the garden or playing in the dirt then believe it or not, you've been covered in worm poop from head to toe.

Worms have an amazing ability to turn rotting matter into a rich, natural fertilizer for plants. The difference though, between ordinary dirt and worm poop (worm castings) is that worm poop is ALIVE!

Worms rely on bacteria to break down the rotting vegetation into a liquid slurry. This enables a worm to suck up the bacteria because it does not have teeth like you and I do but rather a gizzard much like a chicken.

What then happens is a remarkable transformation that takes place inside the gut of a worm. There's a battle between good and evil going on inside the worm. Good microbes are overcoming the bad microbes.

Beneficial microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes are feeding on bad bacteria and harmful pathogens that would otherwise kill a plant. If it's not healthy for a plant then it's probably not healthy for us or as a natural skin care product either.

So Ordinary Dirt Is:

Mostly dry and dead organisms along with a few metals and minerals:(

Worm Poop Is:

ALIVE! and teaming with beneficial sustainable microbes! (Perfect for a homemade facial mask or skin care).

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Worm Poop Facial

Worm Poop Facial Product Claims/Testimonies

My wife, back in March of 2012, said that she wanted to try the poop on her face. She didn't hear it from anyone nor saw or read about it on the Internet. Just plain out of the blue wanted to try it.

She already knew of its natural beneficial properties and thought that it might make her skin feel tighter and smoother. I thought that she may have invented a new use and/or product out of worm poop.

After searching the Internet it didn't take me long to find out that it had already been invented and was being used by some celebrities who frequented the red carpet.

It's called "Wrinkle Butter" made by Fresh Beauty Market. Now I'll tell you that worm castings is not the main ingredient.

Facial Mask

Wrinkle Butter ingredients

1. Shea Butter
2. Mango Butter
3. Cocoa Butter
4. Vegetable glycerin
5. Caffeine
6. MSM
7. Hyaluronic acid
8. Earthworm Vermicast extract
9. Green Tea extract
10. Cayenne extract
11. Radish extract

The worm castings is actually listed as the 8th ingredient and here's why I think so. Every worm farmer knows that when worm poop is left out to dry it sets up as hard as a brick. We also notice that when it dries on our fingers and hands, from digging through the worm castings, it leaves them feeling tighter than before.

Now you know why the oils are listed first (for hydrating) and how the castings can tighten your pores and smooth out the wrinkles. I speak, of course, from my wife's claims. I've yet to try this, but I'm not sure why a handsome guy like me needs
to ;-)

Here is an excerpt from Fresh Beauty Market

"Earthworm castings naturally contain humates, auxins, kinetins and cytokinins that act as plant-growth regulators. They stimulate cell growth, uptake of nutrients and even act as an anti-aging compound that slows the decay of plants. Each of these compounds has been shown to have the same anti-aging benefits when applied to human skin. In fact, the most expensive and well regarded anti-aging products contain one or more of these hormones, but in tiny doses as compared to earthworm castings."

They also have user's claiming that it is healing or has healed their severe psoriasis and eczema. I would also be curious if it heals other skin related issues like flaking from candida fungus.

*There is only one caveat to this product in my opinion. The microorganisms from the worm poop in the cream are not alive. I always promote using living microbes and not dead microbes. 

When making your own homemade mask using the worm castings from your worm bin then it becomes, literally, a "living mask".

Worm Farming Revealed's Own 
Homemade Facial Mask Directions

So what's my wife's "dirty" little secret that makes her look so beautiful?...ME. I give her several kisses/day. No?...Okay here it is.

Remember to only use mature (95-99%) worm poop (worm castings). This is generally castings that are 60-90 days "old". You must be sure that it is completely composted by worms. If there is still decaying matter in the castings then you could potentially be putting the unbeneficial bacteria on your skin.

This could contain pathogens, but please don't let that concern you too much. I just don't want people to think they can put any rotting compost on their skin, but mostly more sensitive areas like the face :/

1. All you need is a small amount of worm castings and mix it with unchlorinated water.

I say unchlorinated because the chlorine is designed to kill ALL microorganisms. You want to keep them alive. This is where you get your youth.

Homemade Facial Mask ingredients
Natural Skin Care With Worm Poop

2. Start mixing it into a paste just thin enough to spread it on the skin without it dripping.

This will also help it dry faster.

3. Let it set for 10 min. on the skin.

Homemade Facial Mask

4. Thoroughly rinse with water and a wash cloth. Any water will do at this point.

5. She then hydrates her face with organic, extra virgin coconut oil. She swears by this oil as it is wonderful for the skin. She even uses it to take off her make up. Leave the oil in as a moisturizer and you're done.

Again in her own words,
"My skin felt rejuvenated, softer and with tighter pores. My face also felt tingly and energetic too." ~Jo

Have fun using your own recipes adding in other ingredients like avocados, cucumbers, essential oils and green leaves etc...

WFR's homemade facial mask can be altered in any way as long as you have living worm poop. I'm not sure how "Wrinkle Butter" is made or even if the microbes in the jar are alive. I would just recommend that you keep them alive. They may fight any bad skin cells or bad bacteria causing acne.
See my Disclaimer below*

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