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Worm food and worm bedding (which is still food) is one of the most common topics among worm farmers and rightly so. When it comes to worm food just about everything is fair game...right? Well, almost.
There's so many great foods to use when it comes to feeding worms but their are some definite foods to stay away from.

I haven't fed my worms everything that this world has to offer but the worm farming community has.

That's why this page is intended for you to show us what foods or bedding you like to feed worms and what might be some definite worm foods to just stay away from or maybe just be a little cautious and use in moderation.

Below, you will find a form where you can tell us all about the food you like to use.

Tell Us:

  • Your Favorite food to use in the worm bin or compost pile
  • Foods to be cautious with or
  • Foods to just completely stay away from

Your entry will be a full page. You may get questions and comments from other worm farmers around the world. You don't have to answer if you wish.

What's Your Favorite Worm Food/s?

Tell us all about the worm foods that you put in your worm bin or composting piles outside. We would love to see and hear what you have to say about all the different foods that your worms love so well.

We will also be able to ask you questions and even comment on your contributing page (unless you aren't comfortable with that ;) Your sharing with us will inspire others to copy your particular way of feeding or even tweak theirs a little and will help us ALL to become more successful. We always love to see pictures if you have them. I can always add them for you at a later date too. Just click the "contact" button at the bottom of the page

What Other Visitors Have Said

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Fav worm foods the easy way 
I have found corn meal to be an easy food to feed my worms as it is very small for their mouths and easy to come by. I have tried carrot pieces, apple …

Worm food making ,in a blender 
Hi everyone, Just thought I'd give you my monthly 1 hour meal making . I throw all my veg/fruit scraps, potato peels, stale breads, cooked rice etc. …

What Makes Good Worm Food? 
I try to feed my worms as much "organic" vegetables as possible. I pick up kitchen scraps from a local organic café and the worms really like the fiber …

Favorite Food to Feed the Worms... 
Good question Pauly. I try to feed the worms anything that is either free or don't cost much when the free stuff is not available. Free stuff is …

Mason,s Farm Not rated yet
jimmy /chris/ jay We started our worm farm 7 month ago our top go to when we run out of scrap is chicken lay in mesh . Any farm supply store has it. …

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