Disposing of Worm Leachate

by Josh
(Sydney, Australia)

Hi, I've just read your article on tea versus leachate, thanks very much for that. How do you tend to dispose of your leachate?

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Feb 27, 2020
Getting Rid of Worm Leachate
by: Pauly

Hi Josh,

Sorry to have answered your question so late, but getting rid of worm leachate is pretty easy.

Since it's just rotting vegetation, a great place for the "unwanted" worm leachate from a worm bin is on a compost pile outside.

The worm leachate will become of use after it has stabilized/neutralized.

I have a big compost pile in my goat yard that holds hay, grass, goat manure, and kitchen scraps.

I don't have leachate as I used to several years ago from the many juicy fruits in the worm bin. I would always get rid of the leachate directly on top of the compost pile.

This will not affect the worms. The outdoors is a BIG place for worms to move out of danger if something is not to their liking.

The worms simply move back in when it's safe to.

Another place to get rid of worm leachate is directly down the kitchen drain, toilet, or outside in a wooded area.

Flowers, trees, and shrubs are not as sensitive to the anaerobic leachate as food crops are.

You could even pour the leachate out in a nearby storm drain.

Leachate is not really harmful to many plants, save for the food crops. Although this would also depend on how many harmful pathogens or unbeneficial microbes are in it, but you should have no problems getting rid of the leachate through the four different methods I discussed.

Thanks for writing and again, sorry so late :)

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