Tumblin Composter DIY

by James Devno
(San Antonio, TX)

Tumblin Composter

Tumblin Composter

Here is a compost tumbler that I made from plans from DixieGrilling.com/composter.

Plans were fairly simple if you are good with tools made with basic tools, skill saw, drill, screw gun, barrel, took about a weekend to make the composter but it was worth it.

It should be used with load greens, vegetable and fruit scraps, grass clippings, tea bags, eggshells, bread, grains, pasta, fresh hay, coffee grounds, filters and wood ash.

Next you need browns leaves, paper towels, straw, shredded paper or carbord and chopped branches.

Introduce some soil and compost in there to get things started. Wet the mixture down lightly like a wrung out sponge, does all this sound familiar?

Yes it does just like setting up a worm bin without the worms. then just turn it a few times every day and they say it should be ready in about 30 to 60 days make sure compost is kept moist, not running wet.

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