The Urban Worm Bag v2.0
(2019's Newest Vermicomposter)

The Urban Worm Bag is one of the most breathable and sturdy continuous flow-through worm composters on the market, yet still holds in moisture for longer periods than other similar systems.

Urban Worm Bag Gets My Seal of Approval!

Steve Churchill is the inventor of this worm composter. I recommend his design, due to its...

  • Large Capacity, 
  • Sturdy Steel Frame
  • Long Suspension Straps, and
  • Wide-Mouth Opening at Bottom


Urban Worm Bag Worm Composter

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As if this isn't enough to set it apart from "other" suspended worm composters, what has me even more impressed is...

  • The Breath-ability and
  • Moisture Retention
Urban Worm Bag

Steve thought of everything when designing the Urban Worm Bag. Many of us, who've had similar models, know that the edges dry out quickly. While this is great for oxygen flow, it's a lot of moisture control maintenance.

Thanks to a layer of polyurethane on the 900D Oxford nylon fabric, it's guaranteed not to rip or abrade, even in the harshest of conditions.

Urban Worm Bag


Did I mention He backs it all up with a


Also, unlike other models, it comes with everything you see below. This includes the sturdy steel frame. It's able to hold over 250 pounds. That's a lot of worm castings and recycled material. 

I even saw a picture of his 2 kids playing in it!

So if you're interested, look at

More Pics and Specs

and get one for yourself.

Do it Right the First Time!

Urban Worm Bag parts

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