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When you buy worms from Worm Farming Revealed you're buying the finest of breeds.

I know if you have read the worm farming guide, you'll give them a good home where they'll help you recycle, bring you happiness, and help you grow something amazing.

Worm farming is my passion and I want others to learn how to vermicompost and to teach others how to do it.

That's one of the best ways we can get back to healthier living. So order worms from WFR and become the best worm farmer you can be.

Okay, now your ready to order worms, but do you know exactly which ones to buy? Well, I'll make this really easy for you.

Covid-19 Update

Due to the EXTREME High Demand in worms sales and difficulties with USPS shipping LIVE worms during Covid-19, we have suspended our worm store at this time. Please visit our worm directory pages.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

To buy worms, click the type of worm you want.

  1. Composting Worms
  2. Fishing Worms
  3. Garden Worms

Buy Composting Worms

Buy Composting Worms

If you want to start a worm farm for Vermicomposting then choose then we have a few composting worms to choose from.

Buy Garden Worms

Alabama  Jumpers

If you want to turn your Clay Soil into fertile ground then you'll want the Alabama Jumpers.

Buy Fishing Worms


If you just want to go fishing then we have Canadian Nightcrawlers and European Nightcrawlers to choose from.

This last choice really depends on what fish you're fishing for. Most fish like worms but you decide.

If you want worms to feed to your pets then... well...Heck! You decide that too.  They all taste good, but I recommend European Nightcrawlers

*Before you order worms please View our Worm Shipping Policies. These are living creatures that need your immediate attention.

You can try your luck somewhere else.

I hear it all of the time, "Pauly, I should have spent a few extra dollars for quality worms. Mine arrived sick, dehydrated, smelly or even dead."

You can find cheaper worms somewhere else but those that have ordered from me can definitely tell the difference. Other sites will also have a guarantee and will ship you another batch but you then have to wait ANOTHER week.

I have a 99% customer satisfaction on all orders.

Your worms will arrive fat, dumb and ready to start working for you the second you open the box. I and several other people have ordered worms from cheaper suppliers only to discover them dead or sick looking and this will impede your composting process right from the start.

I guarantee "Live Arrival" or I will ship you another order FREE!

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions

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