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When you buy worms through Worm Farming Revealed you're getting quality service, packaging, and healthy worms (video below).

I know if you've read the worm farming guide, you'll give your worms a good home where they'll help you recycle, bring you happiness, and help you grow something amazing.

Worm farming and gardening is my passion and I want others to learn how to vermicompost and teach others how to do it.

That's one of the best ways we can get back to healthier living. So order worms from WFR and become the best worm farmer you can be.

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Worm Farming Revealed no longer sells Worms. However, I have diligently sought after a worm supplier that shares the same values, quality of worms, and excellent service as I do.

If you've trusted all the information on my website and in my worm and gardening books, then you will love the service of my partnering supplier. 

PLUS! If you purchase worms through my affiliate link, I'll also send you the free eBook of your choice below, but you must click the book link.

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Click one of the eBook pics (takes you to another page) to order worms and receive that eBook within 24-48 hrs. in your inbox (I will email you a download link personally). If you want both eBooks for free, click each picture and make 2 separate orders.

  1. Click one of the books below, follow link, and make any purchase for worms.
  2. You must provide my vendor with your name and email address so I can send you an eBook download link in your inbox.
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In order to receive a free eBook of your choice (within 24-48 hrs.) of your purchase, you must use the click-through links above by clicking on one of the pictures, making a purchase and leaving your email address, otherwise you will only go to the link and order worms with no free eBook.

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2022 Update and New Packaging


You can try your luck somewhere else.

I hear it all of the time, "Pauly, I should have spent a few extra dollars for quality worms. Mine arrived sick, dehydrated, smelly or even dead."

You can find cheaper worms somewhere else but those that have ordered from my approved vendors can definitely tell the difference. Other websites will also have a guarantee and will ship you another batch, but then, you have to wait ANOTHER WEEK!

Your worms will arrive healthy, lively and ready to start working for you the second you open the box. I and several other people have ordered worms from cheaper suppliers only to discover them dead or sickly, and this will impede your composting process right from the start.

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