Goat Manure

by Harold
(Tonopah, Arizona)

I raised goats and sheep for over 10 years. My wife is now planting melons in my abandoned goat/sheep pen.

I'm wondering if this soil, which is naturally rich in goat/sheep old manure, would be good to start my worms in?

I am new to raising worms and want to raise them for my wife's garden but I also love to fish and want them for that also.

I was also thinking about starting my worms in my old galvanized water tank that I used to fill with water for my goats....it is about 5 feet long, 3 feet wide and 3 feet deep.

Lastly, what should my first worm order be, considering I am new to this?

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Mar 21, 2012
Goat Manure
by: Pauly

Greetings Harold,

How exciting, and what a wonderful introduction into worm farming for you.

First of all goat manure is an awesome way to feed your worms. It has been processed several times through the gut of a goat before it goes into the gut of a worm making it even more complex for your plants.

This is what I personally use the most. Just gather all your manure into a pile and let it compost for a bit before you introduce it to your new friends.

This kills all harmful pathogens and seeds you don't want in your garden.

You mentioned fishing so you don't want the red wigglers. I would use the European Nightcrawlers as these are a bigger breed of composting worms. The reds are just too small and spindly.

Raising worms in a watering tank will work. However I would suggest setting it into the ground about 1 foot. I don't know about Arizona weather but I do know it snows there in the winter.

Your worms will die if it gets too cold so you will want to feed them quite often in the winter with high carb grains to keep the heat turned up. Use a thermometer to monitor your worm tank.

You can also use an outside heater of some sort like a bird bath heater. you get the idea.

Like I said, if you want to go fishing and raise composting worms then get the Euro Nights. I sell them here at the site. I am not the cheapest but I guarantee you that your worms will arrive alive, plump, and juicy. NOT dehydrated and dying.

I have ordered from other vendors and their worms have looked like worm jerky.

Have fun Harold,

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