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The 4-Pack Bundle Overview.
Also known as the "Complete Package" for those purchasing the Worm Business Course.

The Worm Farming Revolution Bundle is a 4-Pack e-Bundle that includes the Worm Farming Trilogy and 12 coloring pages. A total of 550 Pages of worm farming information & FUN!

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Worm Farming 4-Pack Bundle

4-Pack Bundle 


What's Included...?

  1. The Worm Farming Revolution eBook v2.1 
    (245 pg PDF)
  2. The "Making Money With Worms" Guide 
    (85 pg PDF)

  3. 12 Original Coloring Pages 
    (PDF - unlimited printing)
  4. The Worm Farming M.S. PowerPoint Presentation 2.0 (55 editable slides, 50 pg. slide-guide manual in PDF)
  5. Worm Farming Revealed's Secret Recipe 
    (41 pg PDF)

What to expect:

  • Product available for immediate download. You'll be taken to a product download page, PLUS the download link will be delivered to your inbox.
  • Available in English Only.
  • You may need a PDF reader such as the free Adobe Acrobat reader, but many PDF readers and devices will work. You'll also need Microsoft Power Point or equivalent for the presentation.
  • Download will be in one, easy 132 MB .zip file.

Over 550 Pages of Knowledge!

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Would you like a BIGGER package?

Ultimate Package Overview

Worm Farming Ultimate Package 2.0Worm Farming Ultimate Package 2.0

Nearly 1,000 Pages!

More Descriptions Below

$68.75 Order Below & Save $12

Learn - Apply - Teach

Have Fun!

What's Included...?

Let's go over what's in the Ultimate Package... Almost 1,000 pages (including slides), Plus! Endless outbound links to many more videos, pages, articles I've authored, as well as others.

  1. The Worm Farming Revolution eBook v.2 from 2020 (245 pg PDF)
  2. The "Making Money With Worms" Guide (85 pg PDF)
  3. The Worm Farming Coloring & Activity eBook (45 pg PDF with bonus features and The Beneficials, w/unlimited printing)
  4. The Original Coloring Pages (12 included in the coloring book above)
  5. The Worm Farming M.S PowerPoint Presentation (55 editable PowerPoint slides)
  6. new-The Worm Farming 2.0 PowerPoint Presentation Slide-Guide in PDF Format (50 pgs.)
  7. The Worm Farming 2.0 PowerPoint Presentation in PDF (Why a PDF? For those that want to cast wirelessly from mobile devices to smart TV's and monitors AND for quick, easy viewing)
  8. new-Brown Thumb Green Thumb eBook PDF, 180 pages
  9. Worm Farming Revealed's Secret Recipe (41 pg PDF)

  10. The Worm Farming Revolution Paperback Book (274 pg hard copy mailed via postal service). Usually ships same or next business day. Tracking # will be sent to your email address and book delivered to your front door.

What to Expect:

  • Product available for immediate download. You'll be taken to a product download page PLUS the download link will be delivered to your inbox.
  • Available in English Only.
  • You may need a PDF reader such as the free Adobe Acrobat reader, but many PDF readers and devices will work. You'll also need Microsoft Power Point or equivalent for the presentation, comes in the PDF version as well.
  • You'll need 182 MB of available download space on your devices drive. Will be one, easy .zip file.

  • Hard copy of WFR's Revolution paperback book will be mailed to you & tracking # to your inbox for US citizens.

Weeks of reading - Months of applying - Years of teaching!!

2 Options for Ordering The Ultimate Package Below

United States (only) Order Here with the Revolution paperback book

$68.75 U.S.A.
Save $12

w/ Revolution paperback book mailed postal (USA only)

Order without a paperback book. USA or International Here.

$50.75 U.S. International 

This does NOT include any paperback books. This is one .zip download.

All Digital

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Single Product Descriptions

The Worm Farming Revolution v2.1

What You Need to Know About...
Making Money with Worms

Original 12 Coloring Pages

All 3 Sold altogether as one for $14.95

The 245 pg eBook, 85 pg eBiz Guide, & 12 coloring epages

Every worm composter, gardener, fisherman, or recycler should have this eBook installed on their device. It's packed with charts, print-outs, terms, and everything you need to know to raise worms for healthy plants, worms, and worm bins.

Learn how to Grow & Maintain your worm populations and even take your worm composting to the next level.

Comes with the 80-pg Making Money with Worms guide. Go read the reviews.


The Worm Farming Presentation 2.0

 for single download

a 55-slide PowerPoint presentation that also comes with a 50 page slide-guide manual to walk you through each slide.

  • Don't know where to begin?
  • Don't know what to say?
  • Don't know how to connect with your audience?

Now You Can Speak With AUTHORITY!

$9.95 Single Purchase


$29.95 Single Purchase

274 pg Revolution paperback

Same great book as above, only in a paperback book form. There are differences in outgoing links in both books. The paperback contains less links and not as user friendly with all the navigation tools. Same great content!


$7.95 Single Purchase

WFR's Top Secret Recipe

for Large, Healthy, Pest Resistant Plants.

This is my personal recipe & methodology, That I use every year all in 40 pages. You'll never garden the same again!


$7.95 Single Purchase

The Full 44 Page Coloring & Activity eBook

Learn about the Heroes of the Soil in the The Worm Farming Coloring & Activity eBook.

Not only will kids learn about worms and what they can do for plants and gardens, but they'll learn about what soil really is. It's alive and teaming with Super Heroes.


Brown Thumb Green Thumb

Paperback - eBook - Kindle

How to Garden BookHow to Garden Book - What is Soil?

Download for
$9.95 Single Purchase

Gardening - Composting - Recycling - Understanding a Plant from the Inside Out - Food Storage - Light Spectrum - Soil Biology - Compost Tea, Tips & Advice, etc.

This is a gardening book that teaches you how to understand nature in order to grow AMAZING plants.

Written by Pauly Piccirillo who has many years of experience in gardening and composting, 180 pg. download or 200 pg. paperback book.



Worm Farming Coloring Pages

These pages were our originals from the beginning. They're designed specifically BY a kid, FOR kids interested in nature. Print any page or all of them, as many times as you want.


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Whichever you decide, I thank you sincerely for your support :)

A Work in Progress...
My Award-Winning Hollywood Screenplay!

The Greatest Story In Earth!

In a world where synthetic chemicals reign supreme, 1 ordinary earthworm teams up with his forest friends to become extraordinary. They must fight an army of invaders to try to help save a farmer's failing crops.

The Beneficials!

Heroes of the Soil!

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