Worm tea

by Lenny
(Bradenton Fl.)

On your making worm tea-video you mentioned that the Worm tea had to be used right away. Or it would go bad.

My question is what if you would like to sell the tea? Is there anyway stockinette to sell.
It was three ingredients you use in the video.

1. Molasses

2. The second one I did not get and I do know where to find it?

3. DE, Do most feed store.
I would like to make worm Tea to sell. Is it possible?


I currently use Molasses, Kelp, and DE but really all you need is the molasses if that's all you can get.

You probably wouldn't be able to tell much difference between my tea and yours :)

Now the bottled tea issue is one that I have been skeptical of for years. I bought some before from a big company (name left out) put it on my plants and they died.

I do not know how they get away with this as the beneficial microbes will die without oxygen. Maybe they believe that some of them will awaken out of dormancy when applied to the plants.

But once the oxygen is snuffed out the bad microbes begin to thrive and take over and this is what I believe I poured over my plants years back.

So I just wouldn't advise doing this at all but maybe rather sell castings and equipment to customers to make their own worm tea.

Thanks for writing again Lenny,

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