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The Worm Farming Memes page is the first of it's kind. It helps grab the attention of those that might not otherwise be interested in composting with worms. It's also just really fun to see the talent and creativity of the worm farming community.

Below are some Worm Farming memes that I've created to help get us going and to give you some inspirational motivation ;)

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Worm Farming with Clint Eastwood

The Garden Tower of Pisa

Link to Garden Tower

Worm Farming with the Founding Fathers of America

Worm Farming with Donald Trump
Worm Farming with the World's Most Interesting Man

So, in order to help get your creative juices flowing, I'm holding another raffle drawing for everyone that enters a meme.

*If you create a worm farming, worm composting, or vermicomposting, meme then your name will be entered to win:

  1. 1st Prize - Worm Farming Revolution Paperback Book & all WFR eBooks, Coloring Pages, & Worm Farming Presentation. 
  2. 2nd Prize - All WFR eBooks, Coloring Pages, & Worm Farming Presentation.
  3. 3rd Prize - One eBook or WFR digital product of your choice.

Ships all over the world. Anyone can play.

Contest ends on the last day of spring in the northern hemisphere (June 19th 11:59 PM CDT). If you already own WFR products then please upload a fun meme anyway, but you're still eligible. Tell me you do not wish to be entered into the drawing. You can always donate your winnings to someone else.

Making a Meme is Easy

  1. Go to makeameme.org
  2. Choose a Meme
  3. Type something funny &
  4. Upload it to to the form below

That's it! :)

There will be one name entered for each meme submitted. That's right! Increase your chances of winning exponentially. We need a LOT of memes.

Just fill out the form below to play :)

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So Come On and Join In. I'd love to see your worm farming memes and so would the rest of the worm farming community.

Hurry! We're all waiting!

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Worm Farming 
Fun with worms!!!

Food or Worms? 
I saw the chihuahua or blueberry muffins-style posts and had to make one for us.

Worm Bins Everywhere 
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"Worm Farming" 
Worm Farming

How to ID a worm

Worm eggs 
She asked me to bring her some eggs

Are you a worm head?  
Wormhead meme

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