Another new worm farmer.

I am starting a worm farm for my two kids so they can earn an income in our small community. I have split 55 gallon barrels in half, drilled (6) 1/2 holes in the bottom side and covered them with a screen wire.

I got peat moss and some dirt mixed with old horse manure in it and mixed that in an old concrete mixer. I am going to buy 2 pounds of European night crawlers from this site and put them to work.

When or should the kids mix the soil mixture up after putting the worms in it? How will we be able to tell when its time to pull out all the dirt, screen out the castings and start a new bin? Should I keep all the finish worms ( worms we will be selling for fish bait) in a separate bin as they reach full size?

I know I am full of questions and apologize ahead of time. The kids have worked so hard I want them to be successful.

The attached pictures show the bin (without the end attached and the soil mixture we have ready to put in the bin.

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