Question how long can you (foment food.

by Lenny
(Bradenton Fl.)

I have food 4 - 5 weeks old sitting in containers waiting to add it to my worm bin.

These all food scraps that I have been fermenting for the last 4-5 weeks.

Question is can I or should I add it to my warm bin?
What do you think.?

Hey Lenny,

No problem, go ahead and add it to the bin but only in small amounts until you see the food almost gone then you can add more.

Most people think food for worms is primarily nitrogen-based foods but this is not the case.

Worms eat primarily carbon-based foods like dead leaves, grass, paper etc... Think of feeding them other foods like fruits, veggies etc... as treats.

Too much nitrogen foods will bring unwanted pests.
Any old yucky foods are good for worms when fed in moderation :)

Thanks for the question,

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