You Might Be A Worm Farmer...
(Contest Ended Feb 14th 2014)

It's the, "You Might Be A Worm Farmer" famous quotes page Inspired by Jeff Foxworthy's you might be a redneck one-liners.

OH... For The Love of Worms!

Ask any worm farmer, "What is worm farming" and they will most certainly reply, "You got ALL DAY?"

So why are we all

Just like most pets, when we take care of them, they take care of us.

  • Chickens = Eggs
  • Goats = Milk
  • Dogs = Loyalty
  • Worms = Healthy plants with lots of yield!

As a matter of fact you'll see me, in one of my videos, making out with a worm (not literally...but kind of).

I just can't explain the relationship between the worm and the worm farmer but that it's inseparable and when you become a "worm head" you'll realize it too.

So that brings me to the Jeff Foxworthy, Redneck Inspired

You Might Be A Worm Farmer One-Liners Contest.

So Who Won?

Come Back Here and Watch the Drawing

  1. I'll post a video on this page showing the raffle drawing.
  2. This is the only way to know if you did not win.
  3. If you DID win then you'll hear your name (or city/state if anonymous) in the video.

    I'll also email you to congratulate you and get your address for the delivery of worms.
  4. Video will be posted on 14th or between 14th-16th. Sorry but I have a job too and will get to the drawing ASAP.
  5. Thanks for playing everyone! And I'll see you right here!

Look For Your Contribution Below

Current Entries 66 & counting

1. "If you spend more time with your worms than your family, then you might be a worm farmer."

Patrick Cartwright, Owego, NY

2. If the only dirty thought you get at the mention of sheets and a red light is that it's time to check the bedding in your bins...

Kamala, Lewisburg, TN

3. If you'd rather spend a sunny afternoon sifting worm castings instead of going to the beach...

Ryan Calderone, Statesville, NC

4. If you call to your neighbor who is headed to his garbage can, "Got anything good in there?"...

Phil Waldon, Saulsbury TN

5. If you drive your spouse nuts with future "worm projects"...

Miguel Nuñez, Lutz, Fl

6. If every day you can say with a smile, "I've got worms in my poop"...

Nathalie Pope, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

7. If you excitedly ask your coworkers for their lunch food scraps to add to your worm bin...

Anonymous, Lawrence KS

8. If your granddaughter takes you and your worms to show and tell...

Ben Adkins, Seffner, Florida

9. If you secretly dig through your workplace's trash can for the used kuerig coffee ground containers to feed to your worms even though they have to be meticulously cut open with scissors to remove the small amount of coffee grounds...

Jake Prahar Silverton, OR

10. If you cringe at the site of food waste being trashed...

Mike  Montgomery, Alexander, Alabama

11. If you call out to your favorite worm at bedtime saying... good night john boy...*:-)

Anonymous, Jellico, Tn

12. If you encourage your kids NOT to eat their veggies so you can puree and freeze them for your wigglers...

Larry Shier Peterborough, Ontario Canada

13. If your worms eat as good or better than you...

Tonia Malone Bells, Texas

14. If you blend your vegetable scraps into smoothies for easier worm digestion...

Nicole A. White Salmon, Washington

15. If You live on planet earth...

Anonymous Seinäjok, Ostrobothnia  Finland

16. If you list your profession as "Dumpster Diver"...

Dale Robinson Lawton OK

17. If you have to tell your friends that you DO NOT drink Worm Tea...

Jon Wedge La Serra d'Almos Catalunya Spain

18. If the only thing you pack on moving day is your worm factory...

Nancy Crocker Raleigh, North Carolina

19. If you just love digging your fingers in the dirt...

Mark Carlson Athens TX

20. If you have ever gotten into a fight with a pig farmer over the veggies the supermarket has thrown out...

Bobby Beard Sweeny Tx

21. If you keep hundreds of pets in a corner of your basement...

BJ Sherwood MI

22. If you eat a banana even if your not hungry only to feed the peelings to your worms, who are also not hungry...

Scotty Bowers ATHENS TN

23. If you're more worried about feeding your worms healthy food than feeding your kids healthy food...

Linda Bishop Athens GA

24. If, when the weatherman warns of a coming freeze and says to bring in your pets, you head for your worm farm...

Anita Thomas Riverview Florida

25. If you run out with a heating pad to keep your worms warm in Winter...

Barbara Lynch Concord North Carolina

26. If you dig through a trash can just to find something you should be wearing gloves to touch just so you can put it in your worm bin...

Gregory Shaffer Emlenton, PA

27. If your only interest in Starbucks are the free used coffee grounds...

Anonymous Rock Colorado

28. If you stay home weekend nights to chop up kitchen waste for your worms...

Hessy Williams Central, South Carolina

29. If every time you go shopping at Walmart you go by the sporting goods department and dig through all the nasty dead worm cups to rescue any live worms left...

Vicki Good Glennie Michigan

30. If finding that a co-worker has left coffee grounds and banana peels on your desk makes you want to hug them instead of slug them...

Duane Binkley Merchantville, NJ

31. If You get odd looks from your spouse when you look for places to get poop on Craigslist...

Vince Puthoff Arlington Texas 

32. If you refer to bedding as the honeymoon suite...

Anonymous  Forest Hills, NY 

33. If when you walk into a coffee shop, they hand you all the old coffee grounds and forget to ask what type of hot fresh cup of coffee you would like to try...

Mariane Bronson Bonita Springs, Fl

34. If you go around your neighborhood asking for food scraps and coffee grounds...

Anonymous  Waterford, CA

35. if you get sad at restaurants when you see worm food going to waste on other people's plates....

Anonymous  Prentice, WI

36. If you try to wiggle yourself out of a strange situation...

Scott Stephenson Lubbock, Texas

37. If your 15 and ADULTS COME TO YOU for compost...

Ulysseus Compton Bloomington, Illinois

38. If you look forward to cleaning out your refrigerator, you might be a worm farmer.

Allison Cassity Baldwin Kansas

39. If you empty a room just for bins you might be a worm farmer.

Marcia Miam Florida

40.  You might be a worm farmer if you still buy your fishing worms from Walmart because your "stock" is too precious- I mean- my wormies trust me- I cant bear putting them on a hook!

LaMona Niver Palmetto Fl

41. If you save your food scraps after dinner to give to your worms instead of your dog... :)

Gavin Ciccia Rockaway New Jersey

42. If you carefully sweep up spilled sugar and not put it in the trash, you might be a worm farmer.

Harold Wong Los Angeles  CA

43. If talking dirty to your husband in bed is all about your worms, you might be a worm farmer.

Connie Betz Omaha Ne

44. By Wendi

  1. You baby talk to worms like you would a puppy or a baby (which I'll be 101% honest I do!)
  2.  You cry or get teary eyed if a you see a dead or dying worm, which happens to me a lot.
  3. You find a worm stranded somewhere in risk of dying and place it back into the soil even if it makes you late for an appointment. Yes, I do this too.
  4. At any time people are staring at you because you're carrying worms around with you (my teachers were so upset when I did that).
  5. You know what it means to dream of worms, you can bet I know!
  6. Your document files only contain S, ~, 8 and W because they all remind you of worms and make you think of your worm farm back home.
  7. You call in sick to stay and play in the dirt and catch all of the worms you find.
  8. You freak'n loathe the movie "How To Eat Fried Worms" (yes, I saw the trailer and threw up, and no, not because they were doing something gross).
  9. You cringe whenever someone mentions "the early bird gets the worm" and you flip them off then scream obscenities at them and beat them up for insulting worms.
  10. Your favorite game is the worm/snake game but you always refer to it as the "best game in the history of humanity".

    Hope you like these. Wendi

Thanks Wendi you're truly a Worm "Head" after my own heart ~~~~:o Pauly

If any of this fits you then...
You Might Be A Worm Farmer

Other "You Might Be A Worm Farmer"
Non-Qualifying Entries

  • You might be a Worm Farmer when your wife discovers you (after midnight) scanning your favorite Facebook page....
    Vermicomposting - Worm Farming! 

Francois 4-6-2015

  • If you go dumpster diving for bags of pulp from your local juicer, you might be a worm farmer.
  • If you stop your mom from throwing anything green into the garbage, you might be a worm farmer.

Harold Wong Los Angeles  CA

  • If you spend more time with your worms than you do with your kids...

Linda Bishop Athens GA

  • If you get excited when the neighbors leave bags of veggie scraps and coffee grounds outside your door...You might be a worm farmer.
  • If your out in the pouring rain with a flashlight trying to rescue stray worms...You might be a worm farmer.

Ryan Calderone, Statesville NC

  • If you can't wait for the flowers, that your husband brought home, to die so you can put them into the worm bin...You might be a worm farmer.

Mariane Bronson Bonita Springs, Fl  

  • If your FFA mentor asks can you help him with a lesson on vermicomposting for extra credit...

Ulysseus Bloomington Illinois

  • If you're more concerned about the maturity of your worm castings than your 16 year-old son...You might be a worm farmer.
  • If you have the best method in the world for getting rid of fruit flies...You might be a worm farmer.
  • If it feels like a "Knife in the heart" every time you hook a worm... Then...
    You Know. ~~~~:(
  • "If you'd rather be fed to your worms when you die instead of buried or cremated, you might be a worm farmer"

~Pauly Publisher of WFR


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