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As you already know, there's a revolution growing that cannot be stopped. It's a revolution birthed from uncertainty, frustration, & anger or maybe it's just the overall, "I'm going to get up and make something happen today!" attitude.

If you know someone like this or this is you, then join me from changing the way we "think" into implementing in the way we "do". I am only one man, but together we can make an impact, not just in other people's lives, but our own.

There are so many people all over the world that are looking for an answer to their gardening, fishing, recycling, and learning frustrations and just like you and I, it's been under their noses all along. I don't have all the answers, but with your help and mine they can become that much closer to changing their world for the better.

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Right now the highest payout to you is $25 U.S. for the Ultimate Package. This is not 50% commission (due to the cost of the paperback book), but is still a great commission for simply linking to us. 

You are welcome to use the pictures below to promote our affiliate campaign. 

Thank you so much for joining the Revolution and helping everyone to live healthier and be happier :)

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Paperback program
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About the Revolution Book

Other WFR affiliated products with 50% commissions
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The Newest eBook for Gardeners for 2021

Price will go up to $14.95 

Worm Farming Revealed's Top Secret RecipeCopy this Image

WFR's Top Secret Recipe $7.95

for Large, Healthy, Pest Resistant Plants.

This is my personal recipe & methodology, That I use every year all in 40 pages.


The Worm Farming PresentationCopy this Image

The Worm Farming Presentation $7.95

This is a 36 slide presentation and comes with a 37 page "slide guide" for the presenter. Speak with authority. Completely editable too.


The Worm Farming coloring & Activity BookCopy this Image

The Worm Farming Coloring & Activity eBook

The 44 Page Printable eBook is available for purchase for only $7.95. It includes 26 coloring pages and 14 "Bonus Feature" pages.


The Worm Farming Trilogy 4-Pack Bundle $29.95

The Worm Farming TrilogyCopy this Image

This is the worm Farming Revolution eBook, The Presentation Power Point, & The Secret Recipe eBook. Plus The 12 Coloring Pages.

12 Free coloring Pages

You've never had so much fun with wormformation :)

Worm Farming BooksCopy this Image
  1. The Worm Farming Revolution Hard copy
  2. The Worm Farming Revolution eBook
    v2.0 + 80pg Biz Guide
  3. The Worm Farming PowerPoint Presentations
  4. The Worm Farming Coloring & Activity eBook for KIDS!
  5. WFR's Secret Recipe
  6. 12 Coloring Pages 

Now Available! 

760 Pages!

Learn - Apply - Teach
  So Much Fun!


This is the HIGHEST commission payout!

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