What's the best way to dispose of leachate?

by Maggie
(Santa Barbara, CA)

Hi there,

I'm new to your website and just read all about leachate vs worm tea. Thank you for your clear distinctions.

I made a 2 bucket system for my worm farm last year. All the leachate is allowed to seep through holes in the top bucket for it to collect in the bottom bucket.

After sometime, there is a good amount of leachate in the bottom bucket. I used to put it on my plants in my garden as per other things I'd read on line, but wasn't noticing any benefits. On the contrary, some plants clearly didn't like it. Now I know why.

If it's that bad for the plants and ultimately the streams, lakes and oceans, where is the best place to dispose of the liquid?

I was thinking the toilet where it would go to the waist processing center. What do you think about that idea? Surely others have asked this of you already. Curious what you tell them.

Thanking you in advance for your time,

PS...love your website. I'll be back!

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Mar 10, 2019
What's the best way to dispose of leachate?
by: Pauly

Hi Maggie,

Thanks for writing. If you have a very small (or large) compost pile outside in your backyard or anywhere else, you can pour the leachate on the compost pile.

This will not hurt the pile as leachate is in a decomposing state, like that of your compost pile.

Another way to dispose of leachate from a worm bin is to pour it over your lawn or outside somewhere where plants will benefit from it.

Leachate is not always harmful, but so many people take the chance and use it on their plants only to find out that it had a terrible effect.

If the leachate has a really bad odor or just doesn't smell right, pour it outside in a ditch where it will not effect plants as much or on weeds you want to get rid of (no guarantees though). You can also pour down drain too but a compost pile is best. There are great microbes in it, good and bad that the pile will benefit from.

If the leachate doesn't have a smell at all, dilute it with ten parts water and pour it outside on grass, bushes, or other plants that will benefit.

Diluting leachate, will offset the harmful effect (unbeneficial anaerobic microbes, some are pathogenic) it may have in it's purest form.

I like the compost piles though. The compost will eventually turn everything into wonderful living soil for the plants.

Thanks again for writing. I hope this helps,

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