What are these bugs and how do I deal with them?

by Rick
(Toowoomba, Qld, Australia)

The Mites

The Mites

Hi all, I'm still new at this worm farming and have some things bugging me.

The first is a collection of tiny white mites, I've no idea what they are but they move over all the food.

The second are cone shaped bugs, again no idea what they are, but again they move and gather around certain foods.

Photos attached, the mites are on the banana are not too clear sorry :(

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Mar 08, 2015
Mites in the Worm Bin
by: Pauly

Hello Rick,

I have a section about getting ride of unwanted pests in the worm bin. But not all bugs are considered "unwanted" as they do have a role to play in the system.

But if they do become over populated it is a good idea to bring their numbers down. Sometimes worms start to decrease in productivity when they are being outnumbered by other system organisms.

It is difficult to tell from the pictures but you probably do have white mites. The other pic to me looks like a fly larvae like that of a Black Soldier Fly Larvae.

I can almost see their segments. Either way, I have both of them listed in the pest section of the website. Thanks for your questions.


All the best,

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