Harvesting the Castings.

For the 2 18 gallon diy, whats the best way to syphon out the castings? Thinking of finally trying this.

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Sep 04, 2014
Havesting Castings From a Worm Tote
by: Pauly

Hello Anonymous,

There are a few ways and we will be listing them in the near future. But I'll tell you of a couple now and let others comment as well.

The most common way is to simply dump out all of the contents onto a table with some type of plastic underneath to protect the table and keep it clean.

1. But before you do this you will want to stop feeding the worms for about a week or two so you won't have any bedding or kitchen scraps (all known as vermicompost) left over to deal with.

After the contents are dumped onto the plastic sheeting simply start separating the worms from the worm castings. This isn't too difficult as worms will migrate down out of the light.

If you do this indoors then using a lamp or some form of bright light will help speed up the process.

2. When feeding (this is what I like to do) feed to one side of the worm bin while the other side sits dormant and undisturbed. Harvest the castings from that side and throw any of worms and cocoons you find back into the worm bin.

These are just 2 quick methods of harvesting castings from a plastic tote. Connie has a really great way of separating worms from a almost any type of worm bin. This will save you a lot time in the future.

Connie's Worm Separator Method

It's much easier with a worm factory or worm inn but this is just the nature a DIY plastic worm bin.

Thanks Anonymous,

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