Worm Farming Stories

Do you have any worm farming stories that you'd like to share with us? we would love to hear the good, the bad & the ugly truth about worm farming.

Many of you know that my first attempt at worm farming was a disaster (I won't go there now) but that I eventually was able to pull it off the second time and it was "happily ever after" from then on.

But I know that many of you have some Really juicy worm stories that you absolutely need to share with us. Your story, adventure, nightmare or fairy tale will entertain us for years to come. It'll probably even inspire us no matter how successful or disastrous your experience was.

So please let the "worm out of the bin" so we can know that we are all human too :)

Do You Have A Great Worm Farming Story?

Share your story with the rest of us!

This is the place to share your worm farming experiences, good or bad.

Or maybe you have a tip or good idea to share with the rest of us.

So Come On and Join In. I'd love to hear about you and all your worm farming adventures and so would the rest of the worm farming community.

Hurry! We're all waiting!

What Other Visitors Have Said

See what others have said.

It's suppose to rot! 
Well, I have been a worm rancher for 10 yrs, at least. I don't sell my worms but have given away tray fulls to family and friends that want to start a …

This simple system will see you go from red wriggler to high roller. 
I would like to relate a most interesting and financially rewarding story. I have a very specific schedule and procedure when feeding my worms - I always …

Why Coffins Should Be Made Out of Tea Bags. 
You are having dinner with your wife at a restaurant, she is talking and you are nodding. This is good. It might even be some occasion because there …

My worms' odd menu 
I have been worm farming, large & small for at least 17 years. And all the worms seem to love the same item on their menu. Baked sweet potatoes (cut …

I had never heard of coir before and am setting up my Worm Factory 360 using it now in preparation for receipt of my worms tomorrow. After reading about …

Strawberry update 
Well, Here it is! My second strawberry harvest this year. This is the first year I used the worm castings and the worm tea on my stawberries. My blossoms …

Worm Tea Tip by: Mark Not rated yet
I received an email from one of our visitors about how he makes and uses his tea. Here is his tip on the worm tea. I make "worm tea" in a 5-gallon …

Low point and high point of my worm farming experiences Not rated yet
Low point: earlier this year I put a lot of fresh green lawn clippings in the bin, which overheated and promptly killed all my little fishing buddies. …

Worm Castings and Tea On Strawberries Not rated yet
I recently sprayed my strawberries earlier this spring with the tea and I also used some worm castings throughout the patch. Eagerly awaiting my harvest …

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Wow! So many great stories. Thanks everyone and keep'em coming ;)

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