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With so many commercially made worm farming systems to choose from and so many ways to make a worm farm, I just thought that I would let the WFR visitors tell us about there own successful worm farms below.

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We Can Learn From You

Let's face it! Not everyone can afford or even remotely wants a commercially manufactured worm bin. It's just not your style or need.

Some of you aren't even trying to contain your worms but are letting them free range in compost piles.

I Get It!

That's why I want you to show us your worm farming system.

We can learn from your trials and errors. Some of us might be doing the same thing only come at it from a different perspective which might give us great ideas to tweak our own worm systems just a bit.

Some of us don't really know what kind of worm farming system to start but it would help out tremendously if we saw your system and how you operate it.

These Worm Farming Systems Will Help You Get Started

A Done-For-You (DFY) System From Worm Farmers
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I've seen other worm setups on Websites and on Youtube but thought it would also be cool to have it all in one place where we could see pictures and discuss the various systems.

You would be responsible for telling us about your system and how it operates while uploading some pics so that we can see how it functions as well. Tell us some pros and cons if any and we would be able to comment and ask you questions. If it works for you, then it's got to work for 1,000's of other worm farmers all over the world.

Share Your Worm Farming Systems

Worm Farming Systems

Everyone will have their own unique page where others can post questions and comments for every worm system contribution. But it is still all about learning from you.

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Tell us all about your worm composting bin or system. We would love to see and hear what you have to say about your setup. We will also be able to ask you questions and even comment on your setup. Your setup will inspire others to copy yours or tweak theirs a little and will help us ALL to become more successful.

What Other Visitors Have Entered

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55 gal troop barracks worm system 
I had purchased a few 55 gal barrels to catch rain water for the garden . If I cut this in half I'd have 2 bins 👍🏻 $ 5-8 apiece 👍🏻 Inside my heated pole …

DIY Wooden Bin System 
First I would like to thank Pauly for this site and all his help that he has given me. So here is my story and system. I started my first worm bin …

My Worm System are Worm Towers made of 5 gallon buckets 
My worm system consists of making worm towers out of 5 gallon buckets (free buckets from restaurants or purchased for a little over 2 dollars at big box …

Chest Freezer Flow Through Worm Bin 
Hello! I've been raising worms in containers for over 2 years now and just decided it was time to upgrade and take the worms out of my basement. I came …

Simple Garbage Can Worm Bins 
History: In March of 2001, I first started my worm bin in a 5 gallon bucket, but I quickly out grew the bucket in less than a month . Someone gave me …

Rolling Under-the-Kitchen Island Worm Bin for Apartment Living 
I live in a micro studio apartment with no balcony or porch. I started out with an 18 quart bin under my bathroom sink. It did well, so I learned I could …

Continuous Flow Through Bin 
The reason I started this bin was because my partner wanted to compost the leftovers from the kitchen. As I had been farming worms for about a year …

Tote Worm System 
I use the tote bin system. I have them in my cellar. I raise european nightcrawlers. I sell them as fishing bait and I can sift them sometimes for …

Flow-Through Outdoor Vermicompost System 
I thought that I would describe the work I have done with the camp vermicomposting bins, and share what I have encountered so far. The Bins: We have …

Cobs Worm Fridge 
Well I started off with old fashion Rubbermaid containers. Then I got the idea of using a freezer. So I put out an add on Facebook and some other sites …

Tierra Rica Worm Farming System 
My system has evolved over many years - 10 to be exact. I have been fascinated by worms, composting and gardening for a good bit longer than that but …

My Successful Worm Farming System 
Greetings from Kimball, MN~ I’ve only been vermicomposting for two years. After thoroughly researching and finding some good mentors this is the system …

Worm Bin Tumbler 
Worm Bin Tumbler Robert Hoaglan, Oxnard California on the California Central Coast. In internet vernacular, I'm a newbie at worm wrangling with only …

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