Worm tea

by Marion
(Western Australia)

I know this will sound silly but I was just wondering if I make worm tea with castings aren't I essentially drowning a new generation of worms since the eggs are also in the castings?

Also, I have been pouring what I now know is leachate back into my worm farm - should I not do this even if I only have a small amount of liquid normally?

Thank you so much for website - I've developed a sudden interest in building beneficial bacteria numbers in my garden and thought of trying to use a foliar spray of beneficial bacteria as a prevention rather than a fungicide as a cure - not that I could ever see myself using one of them.

Anyway my search has led me here :)

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Jul 04, 2017
Are Worms Drowning in Aerated Worm Tea? (AWT)
by: Pauly

Hello Marion,

Thank you for your kind words about the information available here on the website and the books.

Yes, there is a big difference between the leachate and Aerated Worm Tea. Sometimes the two couldn't be more juxtaposed.

Having a little bit of leachate to pour back onto the bedding shouldn't be an issue. You should really be getting the bedding to a point where it is really moist and not dripping wet. This helps promote optimal aeration for the population of all microbes and worms.

As far as creating the aerated worm tea (AWT), it's best to use mature worm castings which do not contain the worms or cocoons.

However, if you find the worms and cocoons in the castings, this will not be an issue.

As long as the water has been bubbling for up to a couple of hours or more (before you begin making the tea), it will provide plenty of oxygen for the worms to survive since they breathe through their skin.

It must be a composting worm. Other species are not guaranteed to make it through the long 24-36 hr process.

I usually have a few worms in my tea bag and they just go right back into the bin when I'm finished brewing the tea.

Thanks for your question. I hope I answered it :)

Jul 06, 2017
Thanks :)
by: Marion

Brilliant! Thanks so much Pauly your answer was fantastic - very detailed. Guess I've got a project now! Thanks again, Marion

Aug 04, 2017
aerated worm tea
by: john

what is aerated tea? what are the benefits of it? how is it created? what is its best application?

Jan 04, 2018
What Is Aerated Worm Tea
by: Pauly

Hello John,

Aerated Worm Tea is a product and a process that contains beneficial microbes for natural, healthy plant growth.

The tea consists of a very complex community of organisms such as, Bacteria, Protozoa, Fungi & Nematodes (not the bad ones that attack the roots).

The plant feeds on these microbes which gives it the ability to build a strong defense system.

Plants can contain a hormone called Jasmonic acid. This hormone is used as defense against many insects and parasites.

If you'd like to learn more about the Aerated Worm Tea (AWT) follow the link and it's related links below.

I also show you in great detail how to make the tea for yourself (away from the fog of misinformation all over the web) in my other books.

Worm Tea

Sorry so late on this response :)

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