My friend looking for worms.

by Jacob Estrada
(Corpus Christi tx U.S.A.)

My friend was lying in the mud on her stomach looking for worms.Can she do that? And will the worms come out if she's lying on them? Or does she have to wait for them to come out then lay in the mud to get them?

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Nov 21, 2021
Finding Worms at Night
by: Pauly

Hello Jacob,

The best way for finding worms at night would be after a rain storm or when the ground is wet.

Worms come out at night because the ground is dewy or moist. This protects them from drying out. The night also gives them cover from predators.

I'm mostly talking about deep burrowing worms used for fishing. However, some composting worms can be found under logs, rocks, animal dropping, compost piles with kitchen scraps, etc.

It's not a guarentee that you will find composting worms, but it is possible, if they're in your area you'll find them.

Also, you'd need to use a red light. They're are sensative to bright light and will coil back into they're burrows making it difficult to grab them.

Watch my video on the many canadian nightcrawlers I found in my goat yard. It contains goat manure which the worms thrived on very well.

Caught On Camera Huge Worms Everywhere:
Worms Everywhere at Night


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