Gnats/mites in my worm bin

by Harold
(Tonopah, Arizona)

Is it natural to have gnats/mites in my worm bin. I'm using two 10 gallon tupperware containers for my homemade worm bin and they are well ventilated.

My granddaughter went to play with the worms but I noticed a lot of very small gnats/mites/fleas (?) in the container.

I am wondering if this is normal. For the most part my bin has shredded newspaper, coffee grinds, dirt my worms came in when I ordered them and a couple of banana peels.

I'm not sure exactly what the insects are but they are tiny like mites. Any ideas?

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Jun 11, 2012
Gats/mites in my worm bin
by: Pauly

Hello Harold,

It is indeed very typical to find flies or mites or even other types of little critters in the worm bin as you are creating a very complex Eco system within the container/bio-dome.

Head over to: to get an idea of what types of insects are friend or foe.

Make sure you are covering your food with the already composted material or peat moss/coco coir. This will decrease the population of some unwanted pests like fruit flies.

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