baby ants? in with my worms

by Su

I seem to have gazillions of tiny, white, ant shaped creatures in my worm farm. No sign of eggs or adults but wondered if best to try to remove them, and if so, how, or if ok to leave them be?

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Jul 16, 2013
Baby Ants In Worm Bin?
by: Pauly

Hi Su,

It's not easy guessing what kind of bug is in your worm bin without uploading your picture of it but I try to guess anyway.

Two common bugs that it could be is a spider mite or a springtail in which these are not harmful to the the worms or the system in general.

The spider mites can be whitish or brownish in color. you may see some spider mites eating a worm here and there but it's only because the worm was weak and dying or dead.

Watch my video on springtails in the worm bin. You'll see some mites in there too:

Worm Videos

If you do have ants then goto my pests in the worm bin page and I tell you how to deal with them:

Farming Pests

Thanks for posting your question. Send a photo if you can, thanks,

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