Interviews with Pauly Dr. Worm

Worm farming and vermicomposting interviews with Pauly Dr. Worm.

I don't do many interviews with people, due to a very busy schedule, but once in a while, IT HAPPENS! Here are a few of my interviews with worm farmers, gardeners, and others.

Interviews with Worm Farmers

Interviews with Steve Churchill of Urban Worm Company

How To Be Successful In Worm Composting Interview / Podcast

Podcast by Heritage Acres, a 2 acre hobby farm run by Husband and Wife team, Nicole and Patrick.

Coming May 1st, 2020
Interview By Brenda: OSR Academy of self-reliance

  1. Why do I want a worm farm on a self-reliant small farm?
  2. What kind of worms are best?
  3. What are options to house and feed my composting friends....  

Stay Tuned...

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