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The Worm Farming Revolution Book teaches you everything you need to know about raising worms in order to grow amazing plants, recycle kitchen scraps, or grow your own fishing worms.

This is one of the most comprehensive worm farming books on the market written by a guy with years of practical and hands on experience (and still doing it too).

It's a Return to the Founding Principles of Successful Gardening and an almost lost art our forefathers past down to us.

The Worm Farming RevolutionThank You for the Pins :)

The  LARGEST Worm Farming Book to-date.

Gardening - Recycling -
Fishing - Pet Food -
Composting -
Starting a Biz, etc.

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Table of Contents



21 Chapters Total:

  1. Etymology
  2. Types of Worms & Groups
  3. The Anatomy
  4. Reproduction Cycle
  5. Worm Castings
  6. Pros & Cons of Chemical Fertilizers
  7. Worm Tea
  8. Worm Food
  9. Preparing Worm Food
  10. Setting up A Worm Bin
  11. PLUS, 11 more Chapters
  • Read the Entire Table of Contents

  • Including: Starting up a Worm Business - Real Worm Businesses with Real Worm Growers and Sellers

Print Out: Charts, Tables, Facts, Guidelines, etc...

Where did we go wrong and why has growing plants become so difficult?

Sometimes it seems like the world is upside down. What was politically right is now wrong, inflation and high food prices keep rising, corporate and self-greed are at an all-time high, big talks about climate change, chemicals are in everything, "organic" standards are lowering and it seems like the only person you can really trust is YOU.

It's time for things to change and to say, "NO!" to the "status quo", but nothing will change unless you make it happen.

What's In the Book?

Listen to audio samples of the Preface, Introduction, and Chapter 1 
or read TOC

Let me take you back into time to a more slower and simple way to garden. A proven way that worked for our forefathers when we bonded with nature and listened to it. It told us what it needed. A journey back into time, but with today's technology.

Just because our technology changes and our knowledge increases doesn't mean that we have to invent something that's completely opposite of what the Creator showed us. A new way of feeding millions of people doesn't have to oppose nature, but should work with nature.

I show you how to harness and multiply the power of a tiny organism that corporations and many people have become disconnected with. Chemicals (made from oil and gas) are not plant food but a stimulant and have caustic side effects for humans and no real nutrition for both.

I'm not sure what the future will look like and I know people had it rough back in the day, but at least they were sure about how to grow tasty & nutritious food and turn to each other in hard times.

Pauly's 50 lb. Watermelon50 lb watermelon from castings and Tea

We may have some really tough times in the near future which could be worse than the great depression. I don't know.

Which is why we'll need to draw from each other.

We have gone down a dark agricultural road with too few exits to get us back in the right direction.

The technology of today combined with the proven methods of the past is where science should have lead us. But where "scientists" have failed there has been a revolt. Not in a new way, but the reviving of the forgotten way of old.

Get ready to be taught by a few humble yet proud revolutionists that have the guts to declare that "Enough is Enough!" Get ready to toss your synthetic thinking into the garbage with the rest of your harmful chemicals and let nature finally take its course.

Get ready to take back your health and to no longer depend on corporations for your well being. Get ready to join a few thousand other successful independent thinkers and most of all get ready to join...

What will your harvest look like this year?

I put my money where my mouth is.

Check out my garden pics

From directly applying the information written in the book.

The Worm Farming Revolution book alone has over 270 pages. You will learn everything you need to know about raising worms for gardening, fishing, or even recycling your kitchen scraps, manure, or anything. You'll learn how to harness the benefits of nature's tiny creature and times it by exponential.

You'll learn from other successful gardeners and worm farmers what works for them in all areas from personal to entrepreneurial. 

The Worm Farming Revolution Book

Because I never want you only getting your information from one perspective, I have invited several other like-minded successful contributors to glean from.

So without any more ramblings or delays here's the table of contents and I hope to see you in the next book someday too. :) 

Here's what to expect in the Revolution books.

Paperback or Digital PDF

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  • Learn all about:
    6 Different Worms
    The Best Species to Raise Based On Your Needs
    Worm Food & Worm Bedding
    Many Types of Manure for Worms
    Harvesting, Storing, & Using Castings
    19 Minerals and Why They're So Important
    Worm Tea and Applications
    Several Types of Homemade & Commercial Bins
    Interviews with Commercial Growers
    Commercial Business Avenues to Pursue
    Much More!
  • Several Color Photos (nearly 100)Throughout the Book.
  • Several Printable Charts & Guidelines.
  • Several Outbound Links to relative & trusted:

    1. Publications, Documents, and other Writings
    2. Videos for an enhanced experience
    3. Websites and Webpages
    4. Email Contacts
    Forums, Chat Groups, or FB Groups
    6. 12 Coloring Pages for Kids
  • Learn from a Guy Who Has Years of Hands-On Experience in the Field. I Love It & Live It!
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Making Money with Worms

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I'm embarrassed to admit that when Pauly first sent me a copy of his "Worm Farming Revolution" eBook, I only gave it a quick skim. The thought of slogging through well over 200 pages of content focused on such a broad topic didn't exactly have me giddy with anticipation.

Thankfully, I returned to the book about 6 months later, this time giving it a lot more time and focus. I didn't get too far into it before I was kicking myself for being such a dope.

It's THAT good! 

I'm truly amazed by how much excellent information Pauly was able to jam into the pages of this guide - and even more amazed by how enjoyable it was to read!

This is a book that should be on every vermicomposter's bookshelf (or bare minimum, hard drive!)

Bentley "Compost Guy" Christie

Whether novice wrangler or expert commercial producer, Worm Farming Revolution is a guidebook, road map and definitive reference for the novice and adept alike.

Worm Farming Revolution is far more than just a thoughtful assemblage of helpful knowledge and best practices on the basics of vermicomposting and worm farming. WFR is the basis for a revolution in the way we produce and think about the nature of our food.

Pauly Piccirillo has been an upstanding, respected member and a virtual fixture in the online worm farming world for many years. (1) I admire, respect and deeply appreciate his dedication, humility and sharing nature of all things vermicomposting. (Dr. Worm is a blessing to the WF-community and to the world.) Welcome to the Revolution!!! Viva la revolución!!!

(1)  One is not granted the bestowed, honorable title of “Dr. Worm”,  in this knowledgeable community by happenstance or frivolity. The honor is truly a testament to his esteemed respect by the members of any of several worm farming and composting communities.

Thomas G. Tlusty, Co-founder

Garden Tower

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Pauly's book was the best one I read. (I read 7) Pathos, Ethos, Logos,.. its all there!

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Amazing material to grow excellent food. I loved the books. Easy to understand and even great for kids.

Definitely helped me succeed this time... 
I tried worm composting twice in the past, but failed for lack of information on small details. That's why I decided to purchase The Worm Farming Revolution, …

Great and informative introduction to worms! 
The Worm Farming Revolution is a great place for an amateur worm farmer to start! The book is very easy to read yet still uses language that is scientific …

very uptodate, usefull information ! 
Very good clear book with here and there a bit of humor. Nice read and good information all around.

Easy Read 
The Worm Farming Revolution is such an easy read. For a gal who doesn't have much down time, I found the Helpful Print Outs perfect to grab and go. Being …

Everything you need to know about getting started in vermicomposting Not rated yet
Awesome! So much beneficial information I'll be using it over and over again for my business. Everything you need to know about getting started and maintaining …

Great Collection of Information on worms! Not rated yet
I have been reading and gathering information on worms and I have found Pauly's book to be an excellent source of beginning information. I don't have …

Absolutely a must read Not rated yet
Read cover to cover absolutely out standing. Worth the wait. I have been looking for a hobby and something to do at home because of my life and situation. …

The Textbook We All Need Not rated yet
As a total novice, I need all the information I can get my hands on. I cannot see where there were any shortcuts taken. It seems so complete, and most …

Best worm farming guide I've seen! And it's for everyone! Guy's and Gals! A great read with everything you need to know all in one place! Not rated yet
Hi Pauly! I was introduced to Pauly some time ago when his passion for worm farming was as lively as the the worms themselves. This same passion …

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In my quest to find good reliable information on Worm Farming, I have oftimes read for hours only to decide in the end that the source for the information …

Great book Not rated yet
Worm Farming Revolution is very thorough and well written. It's a great reference for anyone wanting to start their own worm farm. The information offered …

Pauly REALLY knows worms - and YOU will too after you read his book Not rated yet
Ive known Pauly for about 1 to 2 years now. He knows EVERYTHING you'd ever want to know about worms. I'm an admin in some of the big worm FB groups …

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This book is fantastic reading for all worm farmers (and want to be worm farmers) If you are wanting to begin worm farming and not sure how – this book …

A+ Worm Information Book Not rated yet
This book is Great for a beginner ( like me) & everyone else. Pauly covers everything from the different worms, to the best bins, compost, foods, bedding, …

Great Book Not rated yet
I am new to worm farming and had read numerous things on the internet that could go wrong for first time farmers. Thanks to this book and the worm …

Amazing help for any Beginner!! Not rated yet
I'm very New to worm farming. I have found Pauly's book very interesting, informative and easy to understand. The book begins where all books should when …

The Very Best Worm Book Ever! Not rated yet
I really loved this book. It has everything you need to know about worms and worm farming all in one place. It has all the information you could possibly …

This book needs to be required reading for worm farmers and gardeners alike. Not rated yet
Worm Farming Revolution A review by Michelle Cahill 02/18/2016 This book is very easily understood by both novice and expert worm farmers alike. …

book worm Not rated yet
Everything you need to know to get started and more, so you don't get stuck along the way.

This should be the new Classic, Go To for worm farming... Not rated yet
This book is packed full of information, insight and motivation. “The Worm Farming Revolution!” should be the new Classic, Go To for worm farming start …

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Taking it to the next level Not rated yet
This book changed the game for me. I've been worm farming for 2 years now, loving it but not getting the results I wanted. Within the first 100 pages …

A Doctorate in Vermicomposting from your Next Door Neighbor Not rated yet
Pauly Piccirillo is able to bring a wealth of worm information as if it's coming from a close friend. The Worm Farming Revolution is an easy read book …

The Worm Farming Revolution - The Time Has Come To Rise Up Not rated yet
I first started raising worms over 40 years ago. As a kid we had a pet rabbit that lived in a hutch that was raised up off the ground. We had a large …

Information in one place Not rated yet
Do you ever grow weary searching the web for a topic and by the time you are finished you have pages of conflicting information? I certainly have. …

So much more than just another worm book... Not rated yet
--I discovered Pauly's Worm Farming website a few years ago while researching vermicomposting and was completely impressed with his wonderful website: …

I teach over gardening to over 400 students in grades K-5th grade through the Boys and Girls Club. We have bought other worm books but have not found …

Very informative, and educational, a great book for all wormy lovers want to he's😂 Not rated yet
As I read the book, I found the contents well written and easy to understand. Be very good book to share with family, and teach your kids about worm make …

A Mind-Changing E-book  Not rated yet
I have never been a big fan of E-books. It has always seemed like a high price for what is received. That being said.... after reading "Worm Farming Revolution" …

Worm Farming Revolution  Not rated yet
This was my 1st E-Book I've read. I'm very New to worm farming. I have found Pauly's books very interesting and tells you what you need to know, also …

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