Starting a Worm Farming Business

Get mentored by professionals in the worm farming business. Follow a worm business plan and start worm farming for profit TODAY!

From Ground $0 to over $1,000,000 in Sales

Worm Farming Business Courses and Professional Training with MentorshipWorm Farming Business Courses and Professional Training with Mentorship

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I'll discuss how to get into the worm commercial business by showing you 3 great opportunities to take your hobby to the next level.

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Below, You'll See:

  • 3 Different options that include
  • 3 different teachers with
  • 3 Different Courses or mentorships for growing or starting a worm farming business for education, fun, helping people to grow plants, recycle, grow bait, feed pets, etc., and most important, to make money doing what you love.

Should you choose to take on this mission, click the images or text links below to learn more about what each worm farming business course has to offer, then come back. (links open in new tab)

Option 1
Bentley's Worm Farming Business Community

This Worm "Course" is actually a door to the private Worm Farming Alliance Facebook Group of professionals.  

Price, $67


Option 2
Larry's Worm Farming Business Course

These are a series of Fast-Paced videos. Larry reveals how to feed worms for as many worms as possible in the fastest technical way to grow mass amounts of cocoons for mass amounts of worms.  Price $199


Option 3
Steve's Worm Farming Business Course

The Urban Worm Business Course is the latest in technology, video lessons, equipment, software applications, and access to Steve, other students, and worm farming professionals.

Learn how to turn a worm farming business into a 6 to 7 figure income like Steve and others have. Hours of video lessons.

  • Course Only $579 + WFR's Ultimate Package (eMaterial)
  • Advanced Plan $979 + WFR's Ultimate Package (eMaterial)


I'll be completely open about who these people are. We're all like-minded friends and have A LOT to say. We've networked together to bring you really great information. 

Every course is unique, giving you 3 different perspectives (and they ARE all different). You won't purchase every course, but that's not the pitch either. You'll need to decide which course is best for your budget, style, or goal for your current situation.

Every course has a sticker price and you'll get what you pay for. If you're on a shoestring budget there is still plenty to learn, even on the cheapest course.

If you have any questions,
fill out the Comment below.

If you already have a worm farming business, please List your worm business in the free worm supplier directory. If you're not ready yet, choose an option above, learn how to start a commercial worm farm, then come back and list your worm business with us.

Some of you may have doubts as to getting into the worm farming industry. I started at ground zero. I was drop-shipping worms. This was in 2010 and it went well.

The key is to network with a quality supplier and to have a really great worm shipping policy that the customer can understand. I no longer dropship worms or grow worms for shipping (my supplier died, but long story). It went really well for several years.

I decided to create and share great content as I learned to culture worms, raise chickens, milk goats, and grow a garden, among other things. (basically homestead)

However, shipping policies, licensing, permits, insurance, and other legalities are all lessons you will learn, depending on the course you select.

I recently conducted my own research, Is the Agricultural Industry Saturated? (Composting, Worms, Seeds, Seedlings, Eggs, Milk, Meat, etc.). I was not surprised.

Get Ready! This is an 8-page article. It also gives you encouragement regarding my website stats and other gardening and agricultural stats. Don’t just take my word for it.

However, if you’d rather not read it, I’ll tell you, "The water’s fine. There’s plenty of room! So, JUMP IN!"

Next, I want to discuss why I’m adding my bonus material to the corresponding course or option you select. I have been through and vetted all material. This is why I have decided to affiliate with the Worm Farming training courses.

You will NOT get my material without using my link.

You’re building a worm business. Your customers will have PLENTY of questions for you.

You’ll need to answer them as best you can. Believe me when I tell you that it’s not enough to only offer customers (OR POTENTIAL customers) worms, worm castings, worm tea, worm bins, or anything else you decide to sell.

I've been in your position. It’s not enough to be book savvy. I have nearly 20 yrs. experience using composting worms, worm castings, brewing tea, speaking in groups with a PowerPoint presentation, reaching out to kids with coloring pages, gardening and understanding what plants need, websites and software, along with a host of many other things.

AND NOW, I'm trying to break into Hollywood with The Beneficials®.

You may think I'm boasting, but I'm trying to build credibility with you. I've been around the worm composting "bin". I see the terrible content online. With AI, it will only get worse, but with our knowledge AND AI, it can become the greatest natural industry in agriculture.

My Free Guide, along with many other articles on this website, is merely a “walk in the park”.

After downloading and reading my eBooks, you will have a plethora of information enabling you to speak with the authority on almost any topic concerning worms, worm castings, worm tea, worm bins, etc.

Some of these topics are in the courses, but one book alone is a tome in itself. The Worm Farming Revolution. To my knowledge, it is still one of the largest, practical, and in color books of it’s kind covering a wide range of topics.

Some people might not be able to articulate the reasons for switching from synthetic chemicals to worm castings. I explain this in the Revolution book and also in the free article The History of Chemical Fertilizers. (a 40 page article)

Some people still think that nitrogen is pulled out of thin air. I show you (from the horse’s mouth, with links from chemical companies) that it’s not done this way any longer. This will help your customers understand the depth of your knowledge when discussing what castings can do for the plant and the soil. They’ll also understand why the chemicals kill the worms, microbes, and macrobes in the soil.

If you’d like to read about the free bonus material, click on the Ultimate Package. Just ignore the pricing. It won’t apply to you when you purchase one of the three options for starting a commercial worm farming business.

I don’t know where the world is headed or what the agricultural industry will look like in the next 2 to 3 years. With all the farmers and truckers protesting around the world (2024), governors outlawing the purchase of garden seeds (2020), and employee strikes throughout many industries, I sincerely hope we’re headed for better days.

This is why the worm farming business will be (and IS) in high demand. We definitely have a lot of challenges ahead. So, I’d like to leave you with some encouraging words, no matter if you choose to get into the worm farming business or not.

This industry may not be for you, but only YOU can decide that.

This IS hard work.

If you think timing is everything, and if you think you’ve missed the boat, you’re wrong. When starting any business, remember this,

"Timing isn’t everything, hard work IS." ~Pauly

Your hard work, paired with smart work, will pay off manyfold. Please read an article I wrote for this year. Embrace Your Challenges.

The Course is Up to YOU! 

  • Start your journey
  • Carve your path
  • Embrace your challenges
  • Fulfill your dreams, and
  • Stay true to yourself

Which Will You Choose?

  1. Bentley's Course
  2. Larry's Course
  3. Steve's Course

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