Brown Thumb Green Thumb
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Brown Thumb Green Thumb is a gardening book that teaches you how to understand nature in order to grow amazing plants. Who said having a brown thumb was bad? It's just misunderstood. It's time to put both thumbs to work. Nature will show you how.

Over 150 pictures to help you visualize &
180 pages of 2021 Need-to-Know Info.
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Brown Thumb Green Thumb - Break Through and Rediscover Growing Plants Naturally3-11-2021 Newly Released - Available Now

 Break Through & Rediscover Growing Plants Naturally.

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What's in The Book?

Introduction - You Need To Grow Something and NOW! 

Chapter 1 - The Plant Cycle (if you don't' understand it, you can't fix it)

Chapter 2 - Discovering Soil
What is Dirt?
What is Soil?  

Chapter 3
How Soil Works
Plant & Soil Relationships 
The Food Chain
How to “Wake Up” Dirt
How Nature Creates Soil  

Chapter 4 - Minerals
Synthetic Chemical Affects
What Minerals Do Plants Need?
My Two Favorite Minerals
Other Important Minerals/Nutrients
What the heck is NPK anyway? Is it Relevant?
Beneficial Mineral Sources
Dealing with Nutrient Deficiencies  

Chapter 5 - Photosynthesis Explained
How plants produce Chlorophyll
The Calvin Cycle
What do Plants Do with the Freshly Produced Chlorophyll?
What Do Plants Do at Night?
Do Plants Breathe Like Humans?

Chapter 6 - Understanding Light
Rediscovering the Light Spectrum
Do Plants Absorb Green Light?
Dispelling the Green Light Myth
UV Lighting
LED Efficiency vs Free Sunlight  

Chapter 7 - Understanding Natural Growth Mediums
Learn How I Do It
Why Carbon is So Important
Why Natural Carbon is All You Need
The Best Container to Grow in
Natural Growth Mediums to Use  

Chapter 8 - Compost Tea, and Tea Extracts
Compost Tea
Tea Extracts  

Chapter 9 - Choosing Seeds, Plots, & Planting
Choosing Seeds
Choosing Plots

Chapter 10 - My Recipe Mix and Methodology
My Composting Methods
My Soil Mix Recipe for Everything
How I Brew Aerated Worm Tea  
My Food Storage

Chapter 11 - Gardening Tips and Advice
You might Not Be doing Anything Wrong!
Challenges We All Face
A Word of Encouragement!
Gardening Tips

Chapter 12 - Meet My Peers     

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The late co-founder of Garden Tower Project (and my husband), Thomas Tlusty, first introduced me to Pauly and his common-sense approach to gardening. …

Brown Thumb Green Thumb...the only gardening advice you’ll ever need 
This book needs to be in print before someone in this crazy world thinks we’re abusing bacteria. Of all the books on soil biology I have read to date this …

Brown Thumb Green Thumb had info I never thought about before Not rated yet
I never knew carbon played such a big role in the way plants grow. The photosynthesis chapter really helped me to understand what's going on inside the …

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