Brown Thumb Green Thumb
Coming This Spring! 2021

Brown Thumb Green Thumb is a gardening book that teaches how to understand nature in order to grow amazing plants. Who said having a brown thumb was bad? It's just misunderstood. It's time to put both thumbs to work. Nature will show you how.

Over 170 pages of 2021 Need-to-Know Info

Brown Thumb Green Thumb - Break Through and Rediscover Growing Plants NaturallyComing Spring 2021


What's in The Book?

Introduction - You Need To Grow Something and NOW! 

Chapter 1 - The Plant Cycle (if you don't' understand it, you can't fix it)

Chapter 2 - Discovering Soil
What is Dirt?
What is Soil?  

Chapter 3 - 
How Soil Works
Plant & Soil Relationships 
The Food Chain
How to “Wake Up” Dirt
How Nature Creates Soil  

Chapter 4 - Minerals
Synthetic Chemical Affects
What Minerals Do Plants Need?
My Two Favorite Minerals
Other Important Minerals/Nutrients
What the heck is NPK anyway? Is it Relevant?
Beneficial Mineral Sources
Dealing with Nutrient Deficiencies  

Chapter 5 - Photosynthesis Explained
How plants produce Chlorophyll
The Calvin Cycle
What do Plants Do with the Freshly Produced Chlorophyll?
What Do Plants Do at Night?
Do Plants Breathe Like Humans?

Chapter 6 - Understanding Light
Rediscovering the Light Spectrum
Do Plants Absorb Green Light?
Dispelling the Green Light Myth
UV Lighting
LED Efficiency vs Free Sunlight  

Chapter 7 - Understanding Natural Growth Mediums
Learn How I Do It
Why Carbon is So Important
Why Natural Carbon is All You Need
The Best Container to Grow in
Natural Growth Mediums to Use  

Chapter 8 - Compost Tea, and Tea Extracts
Compost Tea
Tea Extracts  

Chapter 9 - Choosing Seeds, Plots, & Planting
Choosing Seeds
Choosing Plots

Chapter 10 - My Recipe Mix and Methodology
My Composting Methods
My Soil Mix Recipe for Everything
How I Brew Aerated Worm Tea  
My Food Storage

Chapter 11 - Gardening Tips and Advice
You might Not Be doing Anything Wrong!
Challenges We All Face
A Word of Encouragement!
Gardening Tips

Chapter 12 - Meet My Peers     


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