by Karon Mifsud
(Burnside, Melbourne, Victoria)

It appears I am not only breeding worms but large bellied spiders - 2-5mm body are living in the habitat as well. I feel uncomfortable attending to my worms with these spiders present.

How can I evict them?


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Feb 24, 2015
Spiders in the Worm Farm
by: Pauly

Hi Karon,

Sorry for the delayed response. It's tax season here in the States. I would love to feed my taxes to the worms. Just not the refund. Ha! :)

There are a few options for getting rid of spiders in the worm bin.

1. I would first use DE (Diatomaceous Earth) on top of the bedding. Make sure the bedding is really moist by using a spray bottle. Then lay a couple of dry sheets of newspaper or equivalent on top of the bedding.

Sprinkle the DE on top of the newspaper generously. This should deter any insects from thriving or coming into the bin that the spiders find tasty.

The DE will kill the spiders if enough of it comes into contact with them. But they will likely avoid and just leave. I've seen DE kill spiders believe it or not but not common.

2. Bringing the bin to elevated levels of moisture may deter the spiders as well. They like it more on the dry side. You can achieve this by using a spray bottle on the inside. Spritz it everywhere and just "go to town".

The problem with this is that it can invite other issues like lack of oxygen flow and the growth of other pests in the bin that like a more moisten environment. So be careful and just try keeping everything spritzed outside of the bedding i.e. walls and lid.

This may take some vigilance on your part if it drys quickly.

3. Spiders don't take to kindly to hedge apples. Something in their make-up repels the spiders. Try small pieces chopped but not too small. You want it to last long enough to repel them.

4. Lastly is peppermint, citronella, cinnamon, tea tree, or cloves. can be oils too. This may do a good job in repelling the spiders. Be careful to not get it in the bedding.

Worms have sensitive skin and this can irritate them and send them crawling away or deep out of the food source. Just using a little here and there on the walls, underside of the lid, or top of newspaper should be enough hint for the spiders.

I listed a few choices because I'm not sure how much of a hurry you're in or what you have access to. But it's sure to help others out as well.

I hope any of these will work for you Karon and please let us know how it goes. we would love your reply.

Thanks for your question,

Apr 29, 2024
Redbacks NEW
by: Anonymous

I want some help ridding my worm farm of these critters. Can't edit this in phone format.
Excuse errors. Let me know.

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