Cobs Worm Fridge

by Jacob Boswell
(Clyo Georgia USA)

The fridge as you see being upside down makes for great shelving

The fridge as you see being upside down makes for great shelving

Well I started off with old fashion Rubbermaid containers. Then I got the idea of using a freezer. So I put out an add on Facebook and some other sites but I couldn't find a standup freezer anywhere.

I have a friend who owns a local appliance repair shop and he saw my add and called me. Told me to come by his shop he may have something for me so I went and seen him and I left with a refrigerator.

What I did is I decided to use it as 2 bins in 1. The freezer portion has a mixture of euros and red wigglers. The refrigerator has euros in it. I took the doors off and turned them upside down to use as a cover.

The reason I turned them upside down is the gap allows airflow and keeps the bin from getting "musty or smelly". We all know air flow is very important in our worm bins. My plan for the future is to build a wood top for the bin and I also am planning on getting another fridge and building a flow through system that will house red wigglers.

For bedding I use peat moss and black kow composted cow manure. I feed them vegetable scraps and once a week treat the worms to a combination of grits and corn. They absolutely love the grits and corn meal. Its amazing how fast it disappears.

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Jul 31, 2014
The Worm Bin Refrigerator
by: Pauly

How Cool! I was hoping someone would post a fridge or bath tub or some sort of appliance. Thanks Jacob and keep us updated :)


Aug 05, 2014
Update on the fridge bin
by: Jacob Boswell

So I just wanted to share an update on the fridge bin. I have found that the fridge being insulated so well is really great during these high summer temps here in the South. I keep the bin moist(Probably a little more then the average bin) with the temps so high if I don't I am afraid the worms will burn up.

But back to the update. Turned my bins today and both the freezer and fridge are absolutely full of little baby worms. It's amazing everywhere I dig I am finding little baby euro's! Not to mention a ton of grown euro's also. :) Needless to say I am a happy worm farmer.

Where To Get A Refrigerator
For those looking for a fridge to raise worms I suggest you check with your local appliance repair store. My local store has already called today and let me know he has me 2 freezers.

Aug 05, 2014
How About Using A 5-Day Cooler
by: Pauly

I wonder how well a 5-day cooler would work in the summer AND the winter. It would be cool if someone would do this I dare you.

No! I double worm dare you! :)

Thanks for the update Cobs.

Aug 06, 2014
Double Dare
by: Jacob Boswell

haha actually have had that same thought now that you mention it also am thinking of trying a bucket and see how that works also. I think the cooler could do really well.

I have to wait and get my hands on some more bedding materials first. I am thinking about trying some coir for the bedding this time just have to get some xtra cash to order the coir any suggestions on a good alternative low cost bedding.

I generally use organic peat and black kow composted manure which the worms seem to love.

Aug 06, 2014
Great Worm Bedding
by: Paul

I know that dead, brown leaves are great for bedding. Also the cardboard drink trays or egg cartons or black and white newsprint all ground up in a 5 gallon bucket with a cement mixer bit for the drill.

Coco coir is really really good bedding that the worms love to eat but the ground leaves would give the coir a run for the money.

Tractor Supply sells coir if you have one around you. I can get Coco Coir to you if you let me know how much you want but always remember shipping sucks :)


Aug 17, 2014
What a great idea!
by: Karen (ReddingGal)

Jacob, this is such a great idea. I love that you are keeping a fridge out of the landfill and using it in such a smart way. The insulation must be fantastic.

I'm glad you explained about the doors being removed, and then flipped over. I couldn't figure out the first photo until you explained it.

Having the doors removed like that will also keep it from being a safety hazard for kids, too, in case that could be an issue in your yard.

How about a local contest to get your fridges painted? I'm picturing some interesting worm murals painted on them...

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