Tierra Rica Worm Farming System

by Rand Berger
(Caballo, NM)

My system has evolved over many years - 10 to be exact.

I have been fascinated by worms, composting and gardening for a good bit longer than that but about 10 years ago I decided to start farming worms in a bed so that I could harvest castings for my garden.

I live in South Central NM which has an arid climate, hot summers and cold winters so success here comes with many challenges.

What I have learned over the years here in New Mexico is that you need shade in the summer, sun in the winter, a roof all the time, insulation, elevated beds and protection from birds, racoons, skunks, dogs and chickens.

I started out with a 2x12 frame set on the ground and filled with compost. The worms multiplied and thrived for a while then I noticed the water requirements going up and up. I started digging around and found the entire bed had been invaded by tree roots.

I had located the bed under a cottonwood tree for the shade not realizing it's thirst for not only water but nutrients. Next I added a 2x6 bottom

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Jul 27, 2014
Must Include Pics To Be Eligible
by: Pauly

Thanks for posting Rand,

I must have pics of your worm farm to be eligible for this event. I can post your comments but it would really benefit us all to see your system in action. I also do not have a contact email from you. It is completely safe and your email address is between me and you only and will not ever be used for anything but this worm farming system event.

Thanks for posting again. You can send me your pics and I will upload them for you so you'll be eligible for the event. Thank you


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