Chest Freezer Flow Through Worm Bin

by Jorge Fernandes
(Pedrógão Grande, Leiria, Portugal)

Chest Freezer Flow Through Worm Bin 1

Chest Freezer Flow Through Worm Bin 1

Hello! I've been raising worms in containers for over 2 years now and just decided it was time to upgrade and take the worms out of my basement.

I came up with this idea after watching several flow through systems over the internet. I realized that the insulation that the chest freezer's walls provide would have great value to raising worms outdoors.

It's a very affordable system because I made all of the work with the help of my father-in-law and the freezer was free. I welded the mesh to the steel angle in the front, as there would be no other support on that side.

I expect that the castings will drop by themselves but if they don't I will probably install a cutting bar.

I never gave much attention to what my worms are eating. I just give them whatever vegetable scraps I have left from the kitchen and, some times, sheep or pig manure. I've had some problems with potatoes and pumpkins germinating in the worm bin but I just rake them and they rot.

Greetings from central Portugal!

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Oct 05, 2014
Chest Freezer Continuous Flow Through Worm Bin
by: Pauly

Using a refrigerator or chest freezer is a perfect worm bin that will keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Jorge lives in Portugal so he doesn't have to worry about worms turning into vermicycles :)

The lid you have, Jorge is also ideal as it's easy to lift and well insulated. You might also want to think about how to keep it aerated so gasses can be expelled and fresh oxygen can come in from the bottom and all without allowing unwanted pests in.

Proper aeration will speed up the composting process. But the worms should do a good job on their own.

All-in-all what a great upgrade for your worms. No more sifter through the castings. simply collect from the bottom and that's it!

Thank you for sharing with us all the way from Portugal, Spain

Keep us posted :)

Oct 05, 2014
You're welcome.
by: Jorge Fernandes

I took the rubber seal out of the lid and I will verify if that's enough or not. If it doesn't maybe i drill some holes on the sides, once i would like to leave the lead intact to protect from the rain. Anyway, I am very glad to share my ideas with everyone just like I've been taking advantage of the knowledge others have shared.

Please note that Portugal, believe it or not, is an actual country and, actually, a republic, not being part of Spain. :D

Best regards,

Oct 07, 2014
I Knew That :)
by: Pauly

Yes I knew that. I meant to put a / in between but got side tracked. Thanks for the correction :)

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