It's suppose to rot!

by Debbie
(Miami, OK)

Well, I have been a worm rancher for 10 yrs, at least. I don't sell my worms but have given away tray fulls to family and friends that want to start a bin of their own.

So my friend came over to look at my worms because she wanted to see the difference between the worms I gave her and the ones left behind. We lifted the newspaper and saw the worms working away.

She said she puts fresh food in for a few days and if the worms haven't eaten it she picks it out and changes it for fresh again. I wish I would have schooled her more on why I have worms, and taking care of them.

I think they survived because it still had all the stuff I had put in before. She's better now, but what was she thinking?

She said she didn't want the smell of rotting food. I ask her if she smelled anything from mine, she said no.

I told her she needs to add newspaper, toilet paper and paper towel rolls, cardboard, and dried leaves. Anyway she still has her worms and they get to eat their food until it's rotten. Herself and her grand babies love to look at them.

I told her to quit watching them or they will never have babies. ; }

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Aug 07, 2016
Worms Eat Rotten Food
by: Pauly

Well you wouldn't want to eat rotting food either...would you? Ha Ha ;)

Worms are people too :) I hope she learns soon.

Thanks for sharing,

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