Worm Tea Tip by: Mark

by Mark

I received an email from one of our visitors about how he makes and uses his tea. Here is his tip on the worm tea.

I make "worm tea" in a 5-gallon plastic bucket that originally contained kitty litter. Nothing special, but with six cats crap happens! I put a couple handfuls of worm castings in an orphan sock, loosely tie the open end (so it will be easier to get the used castings out), put in two weighted plastic tubes attached to an old aquarium pump, fill the bucket with well water (nothing finer!) and let 'er rip! After a day I harvest my tea into recycled gallon jugs. I use the tea to make Garrett Juice Plus concentrate www.dirtdoctor.com/view_question.php?id=204. This in turn is used to make diluted Garrett Juice, which I use straight for foliar feeding of vegetables and roses, and with some Thrive added for superior growth and flavor, for drench feeding.

I add some orange oil to the worm tea when I leave it in the bucket until I use it to kill/prevent mosquito larvae.

Thanks Mark for your tips. Keep on "Teaing"

P.S. The website indicates to only use 2 ounces of orange oil. any more and you risk burning your plants.

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