My worms' odd menu

by Helen
(North Carolina)

I have been worm farming, large & small for at least 17 years. And all the worms seem to love the same item on their menu.

Baked sweet potatoes (cut open in pieces) and corn cobs (after I've eaten the corn) I leave the juicy cob for them. I check back the next day & raise the cob a little, they are all hanging on & eating their fill.

Hope this gives others an idea for new items on their worms' buffet.


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Feb 08, 2014
Worms not fed & restarting food
by: Helen

Hi, It's Helen.

I've had to neglect my worms for a while now due to to the fact that I've had two total knee replacements & my worm beds are in my basement. You don't due steep stairs with knee replacements & lots of physical therapy.

Some of my worms have survived but I'm finding a problem of getting enough food to get them going again. I still feed them baked sweet potatoes & fresh corn cobs but I know fresh greens & even composted animal manure would be better since I need a lot to get them going again.

Any & all suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks, in advance

Helen papaya

Feb 08, 2014
Help With Worms Not Fed & Restarting
by: Pauly

Hello Helen,

Hang in there Helen and we'll help you as best as we can.

Here is what you can do to help you get by and feel at peace knowing that your worms will be fed until you get back to moving around. BTW Sorry to hear about your surgery. I hope you heal quickly.

I would suggest plenty of carbon material like dead leaves shredded papers cardboard etc... As this will last a long time and nitrogen will be consumed too quickly. This will allow you to go longer without adding food.

Don't worry too much about not adding nitrogen. Many redworm species live mostly on carbon material just like in nature.

Dead grass, leaves and woody products are most of their diet.

Not much fruit/nitrogen falls from the trees compared to leaves and grass. So just add lots of paper products, coco coir, fall leaves etc... to get you by.

I posted your comment at the Face Book Page called Vermicomposting-Worm Farming and here is what a few said to you.

Don't try to do it all alone, perhaps a friend or neighbor can look after them for a while. Or at the very least bring them upstairs for you

I agree with Larry!! Knee replacement need time to heal and you don't want to make it worst. Another idea is bring them upstairs so they be closer to you!!

Cardboard shredded

Hope this comforts you Helen. Now get better!

Feb 09, 2014
by: Helen

Thanks so much for your info. I never would have thought to feed them dry leaves & cardboard. I thought it had to be fresh kitchen scraps, greens & other veggie scraps.

I did put some shredded newspaper in for new bedding.
Thanks again for the very appreciated info.

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