This simple system will see you go from red wriggler to high roller.

by André O'Kelly

I would like to relate a most interesting and financially rewarding story.

I have a very specific schedule and procedure when feeding my worms - I always feed them on a Saturday and I always play classical music when feeding my worms as I am convinced the music soothes them...also because Mozart happens to be the one that got stuck in the CD player in my garage.

I am sure they feel the vibrations of the music as they have no ears...imagine soaking in Mozart through your skin!

Well a while back I put some classical music on while relaxing on my back porch (it makes me look deep and pensive to the casual observer when in reality I am thinking about nothing at all, which is much more challenging in my opinion)

After a while a movement caught my eye and sure as toast there on the floor was a long stream of worms slowly edging their way toward the music !!
Clearly their little worm brains had now been conditioned to associate the music with being fed, much like Pavlov's dogs!!

I have always felt a little bad about keeping my worms caged in and for the next two weeks I had free ranging worms.

By this I mean I released them all into the garden and every Saturday I would play some Mozart near their bins. Upon sensing the music they would return to their bins and much to my delight bring their offspring with. They would eat and we could hang out and then on Monday it was back to the garden.

It is a great system but greatly reduces the amount of castings one has in the bins.
Now I have found a wonderful financial spin-off for this phenomenon.

I started marketing and selling my worms to interested parties always insisting that I will deliver the worms personally. Then on Saturday evenings after dark I return and play classical music softly outside the client's house.

Within 7-8 hours all my worms will make their way back to my car.

I have re-sold my one herd 12 times now.

As long as you don't fall asleep behind the wheel of the get-away car or play Wagner there are very few things that can go wrong with this system.

Hope this helps anybody who wants to make some money from their worms.

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Mar 20, 2015
The Pied Piper of Worm Composting
by: Pauly

Thank you so much André "the pied piper" O'Kelly!

I'm sure you've given many people ideas even if they don't have composting worms. It would probably work for other animals ;)

Awesome perspective anyway and you might have just a little extra time on your hands. (not too good for us worm farmers) HA! HA! :)

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts with us André.


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