So much more than just another worm book...

by Charly Moore - Master Gardener/Composter/Recycler
(Bellingham, Washington)

--I discovered Pauly's Worm Farming website a few years ago while researching vermicomposting and was completely impressed with his wonderful website: Pauly was - and is - always generous with his information before ever selling a thing.

I was thrilled to quickly purchase his book both to encourage him in his endeavors and to have an extensive reference for worm composting. So many publications contain only a few pages, and

"The Worm Farming Revolution" covers it all - and remains my best resource on the subject.

I, for one, loved knowing I was getting a +200-page book - meaning I was getting an abundance of useful information... and I knew it would be useful because of the flavor I had tasted when sampling the website.
--I am especially happy that Pauly included Latin names and helpful descriptions of the worm family so I can evaluate what would work best in my area.

We have no native worms in the Pacific Northwest because of glacial activity, and I live in a clay-soil belt. I want to choose wisely when planning my garden's ecosystem.

Even with that, what I love most about Pauly's website and book is the wealth of first-hand, real-world information and the down-to-earth way it is presented.

"The Worm Farm Revolution" is attractive and appealing, which is important to me when starting a new endeavor - reading a nice-looking book encourages me to get up and get going!

--Pauly's down-home style is matched by his open and friendly, quick responses to email questions. And... I love that I can load the pdf version into my Kindle reading app :) (Of course, I'd like to see a Kindle version, as well.)

--I can't wait to see the hard copy! I look forward to flipping through a real book and making notes in the margins as I explore "The Worm Farming Revolution" with a long, hot cup of (herbal) tea!

--All in all what do I think of "The Worm Farm Revolution?" I feel like I have a worm-composting bible, along with a friend in a fellow gardener.

Thank you, Pauly, for "The Worm Farming Revolution." My pdf ready to go at my convenience for my annual spring-gardening refresher.

Time to wake up my worms and make tea!

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