The Worm Farming Revolution - The Time Has Come To Rise Up

by Bill Jacobson
(Two Rivers, WI)

I first started raising worms over 40 years ago. As a kid we had a pet rabbit that lived in a hutch that was raised up off the ground.

We had a large family garden and that was where the rabbit hutch was kept. We would dig a hole in the ground under the area that the rabbit would poop to collect all the waste and when it filled up we would dig a new hole and move the hutch.

I was always amazed at all the worms that I would find in that hole full of rabbit poop when I would dig it out to put it in the garden.

I was also amazed at how well the plants grew where the rabbit poop was spread. Back in those days we didn't know that the worms were doing good things to the rabbit poop, they were just for fishing. Fast forward 15 years after I got out of the army.

I loved fishing and would go to the bait shop to buy some worms to fish with. Every time I had a few left I would throw them in a big cooler that I had filled with garden soil and leaves. Pretty soon I had more worms than I knew what to do with and started selling them to friends.

This led to a 20 year stint as owner of a full service bait shop and wholesale bait route delivering to gas stations.

So over the last 40 years I have learned a thing or two about worms and gardening and read a lot of books on
both subjects. Most of the books I read I could tell that the authors had very little hands on experience and were just pulling information on the subject together to make a buck selling books.

I was so frustrated that I thought I should really write a book about worms myself.

Well, Thanks to Pauly "Dr. Worm" Piccirillo I don't have to write a book. He put everything you need to know in his book "The Worm Farming Revolution".

As owner of Lakeshore Vermicompost, a fast growing worm farm and vermicompost producer I am often asked to do presentations at schools and community events. Pauly's book is my go to resource for technical terms and explanations to questions. The kids love the coloring pages that Pauly has provided and has given me permission to share with them.

I am a firm believer that we shouldn't treat our soil like dirt. The worm farming and vermicomposting field is in a state of explosive growth right now.

More and more people are concerned with
their food waste being responsibly composted and returned to the soil to grow healthy and nutritious vegetables that don't need pesticides because the plants are so strong that the bugs don't mess with them. They are amazed with the huge flavor over the mass produced, chemical laden supermarket vegetables.

I am so happy with the changes that are happening in our society and...

I think "The Worm Farming Revolution" has begun so grab a pitchfork and join our ranks to reduce waste, improve soils, and improve our health and the health of our planet.

Bill Jacobson
Lakeshore Vermicomposting

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