This book needs to be required reading for worm farmers and gardeners alike.

by Michelle Cahill
(Cleveland, OH USA)

Worm Farming Revolution

A review by Michelle Cahill 02/18/2016

This book is very easily understood by both novice and expert worm farmers alike. In fact, worm farming is truly becoming a revolution. As so many today are looking for organic and all-natural ways to live, eat, and grow, this book delves into many of the basic principles of the concepts of vermicomposting as well as ways to enrich your growing mediums through the use of vermicomposting.

The book begins where all should when learning something new, the basics. Worm anatomy, definitions of basic terms, construction and care of a worm farm are among some of the highlights do the beginning chapters of the book.

After explaining the basics, it delves a bit deeper into the different types of farms there are and more specifics on the available species of composting worms there are. Then some advanced ideas about worm farming are shared including extreme hot and cold care along with troubleshooting various problems that one may encounter with worm farming such as other bugs or pests that may be introducing themselves to your worm farm. The writing continues to the topics of the use and treatment of worm castings (the true gold and one of the greatest rewards of worm farming).

There are also examples and studies into those who have made worm farming an actual way of life.

There are several handy print outs included in the book including mineral guidelines, reproduction cycles and stats, and even a recipe for fattening up the worms!

The level of passion the writer feels for this topic is evident, but not pushy or over repetitive.

The chapters flow and as stated earlier in this review, offer invaluable information to both a novice and a professional level worm farmer. In no way does this book read like a “must do this or that instruction manual” or a “sales brochure”.

Rather, it’s a journey into one man’s hopes to continue spreading his word on the good vermicomposting can bring to our lives, our families and our planet, with easy to understand language and helpful hints along with some real-life experiences thrown in there, both successes and failures.

All aimed at continuing The Revolution and going back to a natural way of life.

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