Best worm farming guide I've seen! And it's for everyone! Guy's and Gals! A great read with everything you need to know all in one place!

by Jason

Hi Pauly!

I was introduced to Pauly some time ago when his passion for worm farming was as lively as the the worms themselves. This same passion and care speaks volumes in this book.

Great information for beginners and experienced gardeners alike to truly get down to their roots and find out what exactly makes earthworms and environmentally friendly gardening so great.

How to feed your garden worms to grow the best crops. You learn about all forms of earthworms in detail, inside and out, the do's and don'ts, getting started, how to feed them, attract them, and get them to multiply.

He also talks about other soil amendments and so much more.

No need to spend many hours looking around countless sites for bits of information here and there. It's all here, and very easy to understand and straight to the point.

The way he talks to the reader and jokes with them is an added bonus, it makes you feel like you are part of the worm-farming community.

Because we are, in different parts of the world doing our part one yard at a time. A rare find. A diamond in the rough, or shall I say worm poop.

Thanks for the great read Pauly, and thank you again for the care, determination and effort you have showed me and your viewers. It is much appreciated :-).

I will update you soon on how your lively Alabama Jumpers you sent me have endured the winter months.


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