Elite Worm Breeding Course

Elite Worm Breeding Course
(Max Production, Minimal Time)

I want to start out by showing you the Elite Worm Breeding Course testimonials. I know this might be a unique approach and quite different than any page I've written, but let me get right to the purpose of this page.

It's to produce... 

  • As many worms as possible 
  • In the fastest technical way 
  • For the quickest return on investment
  • In a controlled climate setting. 

TESTIMONIALS (more at bottom page)

 My first tray (with 383 worms) produced 2,106 cocoons.  Presuming each cocoon will produce at least 2 worms (hopefully more), I've just multiplied my initial worm density (of 383 adult worms) 10 times over!!! WOW!!!!!! ...and in 21 days. ~Nina, New Mexico

I just estimated my cocoon count of batch 4 and I’m at 5175 with 488 worms... that’s pretty much 100% efficiency. I thought my numbers were off but I was very careful with my calculations. Thanks for your program. I wouldn’t have gotten started without it. ~Chris, Houston TX

I posted on Craigslist...Today I got my first sale of a 20-gallon tote with 1,000 worms and cocoons for $40. After spending $6 for the tote a dollar for the screen for ventilation, I made $33 on one pound of worms. ~Shawn, Elite Worm Breeding Course, FB Group

This course will be illuminating to many of you who are thinking about getting into the worm growing business, and just about EVERYBODY has thought about it more than once! Larry Shier just came out with the course at the end of 2018.

Before I explain WHY this is a great course, I’m going to give you plenty of outs to go over to Larry’s Elite Worm Breeding Course page. Many of you already know and trust me. So I’ve probably lost you to Larry already. Ha! BUT I still need to explain his course to you.

I'm giving you my 450 page Revolution 4-Pack bundle.

When you purchase the Course through my link.

Elite Worm Breeding Course Plus 4-Pack BundlePlus, Get Our 20% discount Below

110 % Money-Back Guarantee, Plus...

You keep the 4-Pack Bundle.

Now, you may be new to worm farming, You might not know me and this might be the first time you've been to this Site. You're here now, and it's for a good reason.

You know that worms play a bigger role than we ever imagined before. We're still finding uses for their purpose in this world and in the soil food web.

The vermiculturing industry is growing by leaps and bounds and is why I've written books about the many aspects of this growing eccentric "hobby". 

The truth is, it's not much of a hobby anymore to many serious people. It has rapidly increased into a profitable business that few are getting in on. Compared to many that culture worms for various reasons, few have actually decided to turn their hobby into a profitable passion, AND I know you've thought about it too! Who hasn't? :)

I've shown people this industry can profit from...

  • Recycling food and waste
  • Bait supplies
  • Animal and human consumption, and most importantly,
  • Soil enrichment from worm castings but much more.

Organic food and medicine, such as, cannabis and hemp farms (CBD oil), the wine industry, and the fast growing commercial, ma and pa, or backyard nurseries are all realizing the power of worm castings.

They are literally ditching the harmful synthetic fertilizers and switching to natural methods.

I did it several years ago cause I couldn't grow food like I do today (see my garden pics). Now I have hemp, cannabis, home gardeners, etc. following my soil recipe method. 

Here's where you come in!

You might be thinking about why I'm sharing this with you. This is the whole purpose of my website. I went public back in 2010 to share all of this information with you. I don't grow worms on a massive scale, so you're NOT my competitor. 

Even If I did, I still wouldn't consider you a competitor because it's NOT my nature. We need MANY more people to get into the worm culturing industry because there's an extremely large amount of food, medicine, and recycling, and not enough worms or worm growers to meet the demand.

This is your opportunity to get in on the beginning stages because I've been saying for years in my books, interviews, videos, presentations, and this website that this is going big. It just gets bigger and bigger every year! 

I'm not saying, "Wait for it! Gold and silver are going to sky rocket!" I'm telling you that the worm industry is steadily growing year-by-year. I see how big the worm groups, soil groups, and organic groups are getting and also by the sales of my own products.

You might not see it in your area, but listen to me. I've been doing this for many years and the amount of enthusiasm is exponentially growing.

People are desperately looking for something to invest in, but only YOU are your best investment.

Look at all the Youtube videos, Facebook groups, and Internet Sites. Does this overwhelm you?

Don't pay attention to those who are only wanting to make a profit just because they "know" something (and there ARE good ones out there). You don't need to be those people. Remember, I said this is big. Think local, and think of trying to just keep your local nurseries and home gardeners supplied with worms or worm castings or go as big as you want.

One nursery will use TONS of castings. Many of us could tell you stories of worm growers that can't meet that demand today. Others ARE and are making a profitable living from it. You don't have to go big. You might only be looking for supplemental income.

But you have to know what you're doing and be taught by someone who WANTS you to succeed. 

That's where Larry Shier can help you with his new course, 
Elite Worm Breeding Course.

Larry and I go way back and I've written about him before in a couple of my newsletters. You may have read about him in the Revolution book.

When I find someone who knows what they're talking about, has an honest approach, and who's information has been tested and proven, they go straight into my immediate inner circle. 

That's when I share them with YOU!

Larry Shier-Elite Worm Breeding Course CreatorLarry Shier

I must build a relationship with someone before I share them with you and put my credibility on the line.

Larry has been sharing his knowledge of worms on many Facebook groups, on and offline for several years, and never expecting anything in return.

That shows where his heart is. 
Larry Wants You To Succeed!

So let's talk about the course. 

First of all, I need to preface something about Larry. He's a no BS, no hype, don't make it fluffy/cutesy kind of guy. He shoots straight and gets to the point fast. Much unlike this page I'm writing ;) BUT I've never been someone to just say, "Here! Check this out!" without telling you why.

When I see something, I say something!

It's something to appreciate these days, especially when someone is trying to sell you anything. You want quality information with no fillers.

To be honest, and probably not what he'd want me to say, ;) I thought his course would be long and full of nerdy numbers. It took me 1 hour to go through the Elite Worm Breeding Course as it was written at the time I wrote this page.

I left his course with a deeper understanding of how the professionals are growing mass amounts of composting worms in a relatively short period of time.

Understand this is not like how I teach you in the Revolution book. It's not even the way your typical vermicomposter feeds worms and harvests worms, worm castings, and cocoons.


This course is strictly for breeding worms for the purpose of producing mass amounts of worms and cocoons.

You won't be Neo in, The Matrix, and instantly upload everything there is to know about Jujitsu...in seconds. Absolutely NOT! Like I said, it'll take about an hour :)

Larry takes you through each lesson like...

  • Items you'll need
  • Choosing the right bin
  • Selecting the right worms
  • Starting with only 400 worms (Not even half a pound)
  • How to feed breeder worms (not the typical way)
  • How to multiply your worms over 100x in 90 days! Unlike a typical worm farmer doubling their squirm in 30 days, you're strictly focusing on breeding.
  • And 10 More Lessons PLUS more coming!

These are only some of the lessons Larry teaches you to become a professional worm breeder. You can go on to sell worms and cocoons or you can invest your newly hatched breed back into the business to grow thousands and thousands more. (Highly Recommended)

Like I said, Larry gets straight to the point and you'll begin understanding and implementing the lessons almost like it was yesterday. 


I want to be completely up front with you. This course is $199. 

Because once you've been shown the insider knowledge that most professionals keep to themselves, you're not left to figure out the rest on your own.

You're Getting a Mentor!

Larry now belongs to you! He's the mentor and you're the apprentice. A teacher tells you how to do something. A mentor holds your hand. Larry will be with you from start, till you're satisfied with the output of your worm breeding system. He's just a click away and whenever you need him.


  • 16+ lessons w/videos, charts, forms, and worksheets for proper record keeping and worm tracking (it's easy) Download it if you want.
  • Access to the Elite Worm Breeding Course FB Group for life
  • Access to Larry's one-on-one mentorship through the FB group and/or email
  • Access to new lessons, updated videos, AND ALL FUTURE UPDATES TO THE ENTIRE COURSE, FOR LIFE! and more updates are coming!

The price will be going up!

If you have questions on any lessons or implementing any part of the course, just ask Larry in the membership group, others in the USA and around the world, or just email him.

PLEASE don't buy this if you're not serious. I wasted thousands of dollars on great ventures before, but my head and heart wasn't in it at the time.

Who is this NOT for?

  • This is not for the beginner. (see deal below)
  • This is not for those not willing to work hard.
  • This is not for those not wanting to follow instructions, think they can wing it, and make money fast.
  • This is not for those who don't have patience. Worms take time to grow and is part of nature. However, more patience, more pay outs.
  • This is not for those who don't have money to invest at this time. Wait until you can afford to invest. You CAN start as small as you want to. You might be surprised at how little it cost to get your first bins going.

If you want to take advantage of this business opportunity now,

Larry can only take a few students at a time. SO HURRY!

Now here's the sweet deal I'm offering!
Take advantage of the Elite Worm Breeding Course through my Link. Yes, I am affiliated with Larry. I vet every single product that is on my website and if it doesn't pass my tests, I don't pass it on to you.

Because Larry and I want to see you succeed and start offering your services to the community, We're combining our two products to include my 4-Pack Revolution eBundle with Larry's Elite Worm Breeding Course.

It's a Two'fer

Purchase the Elite Worm Breeding Course 

And Get...
The Worm Farming Revolution 4-Pack Bundle as a BONUS
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Remember: 110 % Money-Back Guarantee, Plus...

You keep the 4-Pack Bundle

The Worm Farming Revolution 4-Pack Bundle

450 Pages Additional, See More

Upon your Purchase of the Elite Worm Breeding Course at Larry's Website, I will email you the 4-Pack Bundle within 24-48 hrs.


  1. The Worm Farming Revolution eBook v2.1 (245 pg PDF)
  2. The "Making Money With Worms" Guide (85 pg PDF)
  3. 12 Original Coloring Pages (PDF - unlimited printing)
  4. The Worm Farming M.S. PowerPoint Presentation 
    (53 editable slides, 37 editable slide-guides in Word Doc)

  5. Worm Farming Revealed's Secret Recipe (41 pg PDF)
    The same recipe I use to grow Amazing plants of all kinds.

But you must first go to Larry's Elite Worm Breeding Course purchase page to get my 4-Pack Revolution deal thrown in with it and email you the 4-pack within 24-48 hours.

Enter Promo Code: WFR20
For a 20% Discount

I hope this has encouraged you to start a business you're already passionate about.

Get Rewarded For Doing What You Already Love To Do!


This course is brand new and there is no course like it. I'm everywhere! I'm all over the Internet! I'm in several groups!

There's no course that will mentor you like this one!

Remember, it's to-the-point, and will hit you hard and fast with quick techniques that will send you immediately to your worm bins the same day you begin (as long as you're ready to start a business like this).

Classes are Limited to ONLY 20 Students at a Time!

All the best, and I look forward to seeing you someday as an Elite Worm Breeder.

Get The Course!

Elite Worm Breeding Course FB Group Chats

Talking About Everything Wormy Related, EVERYTHING! In FB Elite Breeding Group Now! See you there! 

What we're talking about right now...
* Best prices on equipment
* Where other people sell on and offline
* How to price your worms and cocoons
* Videos and pics of other worm grower's setup
* Mistakes to avoid/problems others are running into (priceless)
* Where you can't sell worms. Don't even waist your time or money.
* What ad copy is working best? and where? nationwide, local?
* As I write this Larry has been posting some tips, deals on the Internet, and bringing in some Worm Grower Professionals from around the world.
* You guys gotta get in here...

Elite Worm Breeding Course Facebook Group testimonial 1

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More testimonials coming!

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