Worm Breeding Course

by Robert Ontko
(Vale, NC - USA)

A while back I invested in a system that required me to raise worms in 8 gallon buckets and sift through screens. I have hundreds of them and would like to know if any of the systems would be applicable to me using these in their teachings.

And am I not going to be selling castings or being taught any thing about marketing them?

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Mar 01, 2024
Should I Start a commercial worm business with 5 or 8 gallon buckets systems?
by: Pauly

Hello Robert,

That's a lot of buckets :) the short answer is yes. However, because you'll be wanting to increase the productivity of your worm farming business, I would definitely switch over to using a larger worm breeding system like mortar trays.

In commercial worm farming, the importance of surface area will increase your worm squirm exponentially, more surface area is how the big companies do it. Composting worm just love it!

Composting worms like more shallow bedding than deep bedding. On top is where all the action is. Everything underneath is for storing the bedding.

You can still use the buckets, but the harvest will be much less than mortar trays or a continuous flow-through. You could also use the buckets for storing the worm castings before you sell it.

I would suggest getting Steve's Advanced Urban Worm Business Course. This is the 3rd option. He Currently offers 7 video modules on how to feed and increase worm/cocoon production.

Larry's Course (option 2) demonstrates how to feed your worms and increase worm/cocoon production by using regular kitchen foods (for those that don't want to use manures).

You'll also get Larry's feeding course with the purchase of Steve's course.

Yes, there is a lot of legal, but necessary video modules in Steve's course (advanced plan) on how to sell online AND offline and several modules on the legalities of it all (setting it up legally).

Of course, you will also get my package deals as well. If you're interested in Steve's course (my option 3, the advanced plan), contact me for a discount.

AND every course or plan comes with the commercial worm community help, or help from the teacher.

If you have further questions, just reply to this thread.


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