A Comprehensive Commercial Worm Farming Course

Below, I'll discuss Steve's Commercial Worm Farming Course. This is a massive, detailed & instructional text and video tutorial course. This worm farming business course will cover almost every topic with several updates and zoom meetings. It will constantly evolve and keep up with technology throughout the life of the course giving you several hours and days to get through it all.

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First, I'll speak about Steve's commercial worm farming course, then I'll speak about other people with humble worm farming beginnings. Then, I'll discuss my bonus eMaterial and why I believe you should have it in your digital library. 

You must use my affiliate link for The Bonus Material. This allows me to see you've downloaded it and to further help you with it in any way I can.

BRAND NEW for 2024!

I've watched hours of video lessons. Steve continues to work on more videos as you read this page. Expect even more videos this year and throughout the life of Steve's course. 

Software, technology, and techniques are constantly evolving. This is why you'll often receive new email alerts containing links to new lessons from The Urban Worm Business Course.

Each lesson is filled with nuggets of information to grow your business, but it doesn't stop there. People who are farming, gardening, homesteading, and growing natural/organic food and medicine are always in demand. Let's face it, times change and way too fast these days.

I predicted (a long time ago before 2020) that the worm farming business was booming due to so many reasons. If you landed on this page, and not options for starting a worm farming business, read the article Is the Agricultural Industry Saturated?

My study shows the many reasons why the agricultural  industry is a boon and why people are wanting to get away from BIG AG Industries. Conversely, it could also be a reason to co-op WITH them.

A quick personal testimonial about Steve.

"As a publisher of quality content in the worm farming industry, myself, since 2010, I want to say that Steve is  more than an entrepreneur, teacher, product developer & content creator. He's an individual of the utmost honesty and integrity.  

I've had private conversations with him and I know that he understands the core values that people desire from a friend, partner, or even a perfect stranger. His content already proves who he is, and everyone I know that knows him, already knows this.

Steve is as real as it gets, and a man and publisher after my own heart

Steve's Urban Worm Business Course will be one of the best investments and decisions you'll make in the worm farming commercial industry to-date. Steve's course delivers honesty, integrity, and all the tools you've never thought of.

Most of all, Steve's course IS STEVE plus many more friends in the professional world of worm composting." ~Pauly

Steve's commercial worm farming business course stays on top of all of the latest trends.

I was impressed with how the lessons were laid out and how focused he stayed on each subject matter. Speaking about focused, the course will also teach you about making videos and implementing the latest software and filming angles/tricks in the YouTube and social media module lessons.

I could discuss a list of the worm business courses. However, bullet points never really tell you much. Since I've been through the Steve's lessons (thoroughly), I can explain some of them to you. Others are quite obvious.

We can also discuss any of the topics if you want. Simply ask a question in the comments section below concerning the commercial worm farming business course. I'll get back with you as soon as I can.

I want you to approach these lessons armed with as many details as possible before you purchase the course. This HAS to be the RIGHT decision for YOU.

If you don't think this is right for you, go back to the other worm farming business options, or wait until you CAN start a commercial worm farming business.

This is NOT for everyone's time, budget, OR sweat.

The course will show you how Steve made over $1million selling worms, worm castings, worm bins, books and more. I'll let him share the other 6 & 7 figure worm entrepreneurs with you. However, I warn you now! You REALLY have to work and you have to work hard.

This page is salesy and for a very good reason. This is an extremely important decision you'll be making, so there is much to be said before you decide to purchase the course. I won't have you go through hours of training without being transparent concerning the time and effort you'll be putting in. Remember, it's a business.

We all know famous people who made a lot of money by being smart, talented, and applied good ole' fashioned elbow grease.

You may not be interested in some of these people. No matter. They know how to WORK!

Elon Musk is one of the hardest and smartest, with a never-quit work ethic. His brother Kimbal is BIG into composting, and gardening.

Musk's nonprofit...to install 80 Learning Gardens in Chicago city schools.

You Have to Hustle!

The Who's Who in The Worm Farming Business

Remember the Mallard duck on the masked singer? Spoiler alert! It was Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty. One of his clues was playing the guitar for a quarter on the bus AND, Yes, selling worms.

Tom Herlihy started Worm Power in 2003. It has grown into a 12,000,000 worm squirm facility (maybe 50mm, now). They create everything from worm castings to liquid teas. Their products are used on golf courses, berries, and now, worm castings for the cannabis industry for higher concentrations of THC.

Larry Shier, from Canada, whom I've interviewed in The Worm Farming Revolution book, sold worms as a kid. Now, he sells a worm farming business course. (the 2nd option for starting a worm farming business)

There are many celebrities who compost. If you do some “digging” you’ll find some of them compost with worms. I drop shipped to a couple of celebs before. Garden Tower Project sold to celebs, even to NSYNC’s Lance Bass. They definitely won't be your major customers, but sure can be interesting.

Kids starting a commercial worm farming businessKids who successfully started a commercial worm farming business

The LA Times called me about a worm shortage in SoCal. However, I don’t live in California, but told them about two kids who list in my worm supplier directory. They started a worm business, Will’s Worms and were featured in the article. 

They learned from the courses I promote, here at WFR, like Steve's Course.

A couple of years (after building this website) The BBC emailed me wanting to send a crew out to my house to film a segment of The World's Toughest Jobs. Something tells me it went to another farmer, but (IDK).

However, I COULD have sent them over to YOU! I drop shipped, but I was STILL very excited!

Heather Renaldi, Texas Worm Ranch, was interviewed by John Kohler of, Growing Your Greens. stated (in his YouTube video), these are "the best worm castings he has found in Texas, and maybe the USA".

I'll also mention that she endorsed Steve's Urban Worm Bag and The Worm Farming Revolution book near the end of the video. (shameless plug). When done right, you will get many repeat customers, maybe even Musk someday.

Another one of our Worm Suppliers made some connections, learned through some of these courses, asked questions from other worm professionals (in the members group), and now has her own business.

She started from nothing and grew it into a commercial worm farming business ALL while being a young grandma (meme). Why? To pass it on to her grandchildren. She has my seal of approval too.

If kids and grandparents can do it, YOU CAN TOO!

We could discuss many good and ethical worm farming people all day, but I'm showing you determination, grit, and attitude. Many people don't think they can do it, know how, or where to start, but most of it is mental fortitude and the same challenges I've faced.

There Are So Many Reasons to Start a Commercial Worm Farming Business

I can’t list all of them. I’ve written about a few of the industries and their numbers increase every year.

Think about the companies or industries in your local community. As you learn from lessons and connections in the professional groups, you'll see more opportunities in your area.

  • Horticultural farms, (food, flowers, hemp, cannabis, pumpkins, sunflowers, etc.)
  • Essential oil farms,
  • Botanicals,
  • Golf courses,
  • Nurseries,
  • Landscapers and landscaping companies
  • Home gardeners with in/outdoor plants or ornamental,
  • Big box stores,
  • Vineyards, 
  • AND one of the BEST ways of making money from Worm Castings, ...Learning How to Stretch the Castings by brewing or making Worm Tea (two different methods). I teach you all about this in my published material. I have been brewing worm tea for nearly 20 years. My garden pics prove my results. I teach much more, but my writing will help you sell your products to customers and clients when you understand their needs and how to relate to them.
  • Plus a lot more.

Now think about where to get potential worm food. Believe me, this is happening now.

Grocery stores, coffee shops, convenient stores, fast food restaurants, schools, prisons, airports, military bases, paper mills, hospitals, assisted living centers, community food drives, churches, bakeries, breweries, wineries, food preparation companies, farmers, etc.

One nursery, alone, will use TONS of worm castings. Many commercial worm growers can't meet that demand today. Others ARE and making a profitable living from it. You don't have to go big. You might only be looking for supplemental income.

The demand is increasing year-over-year and for many reasons. Read my 40 page article

The History Of Chemical Fertilizers and
Where We Go from Here

and again, 

Is the Agricultural Industry Saturated?

In Steve's course, you’ll learn of the potential fun, profit, and (to me) the joy of having a meaningful purpose. I love gardening and using worm castings. It's difficult (anymore) to image my life without worms, so...

The smile on your customer’s face,
along with a personal feeling with purpose, is worth it all.

You have to know what you're doing and be taught by someone who WANTS you to succeed.

That's why Steve can help you understand HOW you’d even begin (from ground $0) in the commercial worm farming business.

The Urban Worm Course

Urban Worm Business CourseUrban Worm Business Course + Bonus Material

As I’ve stated earlier, I completed Steve’s course with over 30 videos. As I type this, I received an email today with a link to his latest video, Using Your Online Presence to Drive Offline Sales”.

I own two businesses, 1 online (WFR), the other offline. I still have to advertise online, but do it at no expense. I’ve been building websites since 1997. Take me at my word. You WILL learn A LOT in the video modules, including how to utilize Google maps and tap into the offline market.

I’m sure you’d like to see a sneak-peak of what his lessons will look like after you’ve purchased the course, and If I were you, I would too! However, I can only show you an image. I’ll let Steve explain everything else to you.

New Lesson: Deep Dive - Local SEO
(1 of over 30 module examples I received in my email as a member)

The video lessons/training, video meetings, group chats, and access to other professional worm farmers JUST…KEEPS…COMING!

Take a look at all the courses The Urban Worm Business Course has to offer, then come back.

Because I know you’re getting years of knowledge, experience, and inner-circle connections, I’m backing up Steve’s course with my personal seal of approval.

I’m sending you EVERYTHING I’ve written that made me successful at making worm castings, vermiculturing, brewing worm tea plus using castings & applying worm tea properly, growing large pest-resistant plants, high-yielding food/medicine, or beautiful indoor plants, plus much more.

Take a look at my garden pics

I'm speaking with nearly 20 yrs. experience. I will tell you (and as you may already know) everyone has different methods. Choose someone who can prove or back up what they're saying by SHOWING YOU THEIR RESULTS

These ARE My Results

Worm Castings on TomatoesWorm Castings on Tomatoes
Worm Castings on CucumbersWorm Castings on Cucumbers
Worm Castings on WatermelonWorm Castings on Watermelon
Worm Castings on RosesWorm Castings on Roses
Worm Castings on SunflowersWorm Castings on Sunflowers
Worm Castings on ZucchiniWorm Castings on Zucchini
What worm castings looks likeWhat worm castings looks like
worm castings from outside compost pileworm castings from outside compost pile
brewing worm tea with simple ingredients and equipmentbrewing worm tea with simple ingredients and equipment
Worm castings for gardensWorm castings for gardens - Learn how to culture worms, brew tea, and using castings

You don't have to get into the commercial worm farming industry. My material can help you as an individual for your personal reasons. 

However, if your goal is to grow your worm populations as a business, make connections, learn packaging, and tap into other worm business professionals, my material is not for you, but will fit perfectly with the purchase of Steve's course.

This is showing you I know what I've learned throughout the years. This IS PROOF of my results. I will send you all my material so that you can share this knowledge with your potential customers.

They will want to know how YOUR worms, worm castings, or any worm related product will benefit them or how you know more than the next commercial worm farmer.

I don't sell worms, or castings to make money.
I Do It For My Family & For Myself.

I do it to grow food and medicine. I test it, I experience it in the field, I APPLY it. I HAVE Results

I will personally send you a private link to download nearly everything I've written (most of my writing are not on this website):

  • 6 worm species, 
  • Oligochaeta-Ology, and who's "The G.O.A.T"
  • All about Worm castings, 
  • All about worm tea, 
  • How to garden and everything about what a plant needs,
  • My personal soil secrets and recipe, 
    (recipe in depth in Brown Thumb Green Thumb)
  • LED Lighting and photosynthesis, 
  • Plant exudation, transpiration, and respiration,
  • Soil biology, 
  • Microbes, 
  • Macrobes, 
  • Speaking to groups, 
  • Using mine or the ability to create a worm farming PowerPoint presentation, 
  • Kids worm farming coloring & activity printable eBook, and 
  • So much more.

Because I have placed a lot of faith in Steve's training, I hope you will trust us with your money, time, and hard work. I will send you all my material for download with ANY course purchase belonging to Steve's Urban Worm Business Course

This is separate from Steve's course. I am sending this to you in good faith that his course is one of the best and that my reputation speaks for itself.

I'm so confident, that for whatever reason, you will still get to keep everything. 

Know that you'll also be helping to support my 5x Award-winning Hollywood Screenplay, The Beneficials®. This is my current and most difficult project I've ever attempted, to break into Hollywood.

Together, we'll take the commercial worm farming industry to the big agricultural industries (the last frontier). The best message I can deliver now is truth and education through entertainment. 

Steve's commercial worm farming course is copying success. It's not necessarily the money or equipment, but the determination to work with what you have and applying the knowledge. The training will apply to where YOU are, with what YOU have at the time YOU start learning the course.

The initial investment in Steve’s courses, modules, lessons, and private training will save you endless amounts of costly startup mistakes, AND TIME, you'll NEVER get back. I know it takes money when starting a business. That's one of the reasons for the private groups and private emailing.

Ask the group where the best place is to start with what you already have. Just like Meme, you'll be so far ahead, rather than going it alone. She still amazes me.

If I haven't helped you understand everything or you still have questions, use the comments form below.

If you think you're ready to turn your hobby into a profitable commercial worm farming source of income (like Steve and his friends did to gross over $1 million), or you just want plain smarts, go to Steve's Worm Farming Business Course and I'll see you on the other side.

Remember, you must use my link to get the Worm Farming Ultimate Package digital content (nearly 1,000 pgs.) and allow me 24 to 48 hrs. to see your purchase and send you a personal (NOT automated) email of appreciation and warm welcome.

Get the course today and I will see you on the other side 🙂

Stay Worm Farming My Friends,
~Pauly Piccirillo, Publisher, WFR

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