Plastic Worm Bins

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Homemade Plastic Worm Bins

Drilling holes will allow plenty of gas and moisture to escape. Do not get the amorphous (clear) containers. Worms do not like the light. You need to stick with an opaque color to block out the light.

Plastic Worm Bins

DIY Worm Bin

If you want to save money and have any clear bins lying around then it's quite conceivable to paint them on the outside or wrap them with some type of cloth or tape foil to it.

Be careful where you place your worm bin.

If you're placing the worm bin inside your home keep it away from a heater vent and out of the sunlight. This goes for outside as well. Keep it in the shade.

Plastic bins in my opinion are the cheapest and most people have the makings of a worm farm in their house already. So learn the ropes well with this system before you go crazy expensive on another. These are great trainers for all ages.

Plastic Flow-Through

The Worm Factory

Other types of plastic worm bins is the popular Worm Factory.

This is a flow-through system and even easier than the homemade Rubbermaid system.

This is almost a "set-it and forget-it" type system.

Unlike the plastic tub shown above the worms do all the work for you.

You start out with putting food in the first tray. As worms consume all the food and convert it to worm castings you then add a second tray thus repeating the process. each tray leaves behind nothing but rich castings as you build higher and higher.

The Worm Factory breathes very well, letting in the right amounts of oxygen for your worms and microbes. Because of this ventilation the moisture won't build up inside the unit like Rubbermaid bins.

It collects all the leachate down in the collection tray at the bottom and If the worms get stuck down in the collection tray then there's a built-in ladder for them to climb back up into the bedding.

The Cool thing about a flow-through tower like the Worm Factory is the ability to house several thousands of worms.

It'll also hold all of your castings for the year until you're ready to use it on your garden. You only need to assemble it. It is a done-for-you system with complete instructions.

Other brands of this plastic flow-through system are Vermihut or Worm Hut and Can'O Worms.

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